Former Maryland Official Who Wouldn’t Stop Reciting Christian Prayers at Meetings May Become State Senator

Last year, the Carroll County Board of Commissioners in Maryland was told by a judge that they needed to stop praying to Jesus at meetings. That didn’t sit well with Commissioner Robin Bartlett Frazier (below) who ended up saying a religious prayer at the next meeting, anyway, falsely attributing it to President George Washington.

After multiple legal warnings from the American Humanist Association’s Appignani Humanist Legal Center, and the looming prospect of heavy fines if the prayers continued, the commissioners voted 3-2 in April to stop with the sectarian prayers.

Frazier was one of the two commissioners opposed to complying with the law. She even told Christian Today that she would be willing to go to jail instead of following the law.

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Iowa House Republicans Begin New Legislative Session Using Gavel with Bible Verse On It

The Iowa State House just began its new legislative session today by swearing in new members and the House Republicans (in the majority) tweeted out this picture of the gavel they’re using:

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Egyptian Sentenced to Three Years in Prison for Admitting on Facebook That He’s an Atheist

According to the international news agency Agence France-Presse, 21-year-old Karim al-Banna was sentenced to three years in prison for the “crime” of saying on Facebook that he was an atheist:

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To Improve Traffic Safety, Russia Says Transgender People No Longer Qualify for Licenses

We’re used to hearing the LGBT community blamed for a lot of things.

An earthquake strikes? Some pious bigot will invoke God’s wrath against homosexuals.

Birds die? A True Believer will clue you into it being gay people wanting marriage rights that did it.

Hurricane Katrina? There’s a homophobe waiting to remind you: gay parade, duh.

Volcanic eruptions? Yeah, still gay people.

Ebola? Also gay people.

9/11? Also, apparently, the fault of LGBT people, according to some bloviating believers.

There are many more examples where those came from. In fact, there’s not much that gets attributed to LGBT folks that surprises me anymore, no matter how absurd. But, I have to admit, Russia managed to find one.

Traffic accidents.

Yeah, for real (I wish I was joking). According to the Russian government, transgender and transsexual people suffer from disorders that contribute to high accident rates.

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Ottawa Imam: I Support Free Speech, but Satire of Religious Leaders Should Be Illegal

You know people truly support free speech when they are willing to defend speech they don’t agree with, even speech that might be considered “blasphemous” to others.

That’s why Muslim imam Imtiaz Ahmed, no matter what he thinks, isn’t a free speech advocate:

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