God Is Not Your Bitch, Mark Sanford

If newspapers are in danger of going out of business, this is certainly one way to draw in the eyes of readers. Mark Morford of the San Francisco Chronicle wrote an article poking fun at Governor Mark Sanford‘s recent comments about how “God will make him better.” It’s called “God is not your bitch.” After [Read More...]

What if Judge Sonia Sotomayor Declared Her Atheism?

A candidate judge in South Africa was being grilled by the Judicial Service Commission. The judge, Senior Counsel Torquil Paterson, made this comment regarding why he left the priesthood to work in law: “I left the church for a variety of reasons, chief among them being that I realised God does not exist. I am [Read More...]

Chuck Norris Takes on FFRF

The House approved engraving “In God We Trust” in the Capitol Visitors Center. The bill has not yet been voted on in the Senate. The bill passed in the Senate with “Unanimous Consent.” The House voted 410-8 in favor of it. (12 people abstained and 2 voted “present.”) Who was brave enough to vote against [Read More...]

Asking the Imaginary Man in Sky for Help

Thanks go to The Onion: Weakling President Asks Imaginary Man In Sky To Bless Nation WASHINGTON — In a display of weakness unbecoming a head of state, President Barack Obama concluded remarks to his nation Tuesday by asking a pretend man who lives in the clouds to watch over and guide the United States. “Thank [Read More...]

Invisible Atheists Keep Jesus Out of Pennsylvania House

No atheist or church/state separation group is directly involved in this story. But the fact that such groups exist is a major part of it. In the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, Rep. Will Tallman asked his pastor Rev. Gerry Stoltzfoos to deliver a “non-denominational prayer” to open the House’s legislative session. Stoltzfoos submitted a draft [Read More...]