Clergy Ratings Hit 30-Year Low, But…

This makes me sick: Americans’ views of the “honesty and ethics” of clergy have hit a 32-year low, with just half rating their moral caliber as high or very high, according to Gallup’s annual Honesty and Ethics Ratings of Professions survey. Wait, that’s a good thing, right? Half the people don’t think Catholic Church clergy [Read More...]

GOP Attacks Christmas Strawman

by Jesse Galef – A bill sponsored by 19 House Republicans (including six from South Carolina, never a good sign,) wants to reaffirm that people can celebrate Christmas and mention God. I’m guessing this is in response to a gross misunderstanding of current legal concerns over displays that are government-sponsored or on government property. Via [Read More...]

Keith Olbermann Goes After “Charlie Brown Christmas” Mayor

Russell Wiseman, the mayor of Arlington, TN recently explained on Facebook that the reason President Obama gave his speech about Afghanistan last Tuesday night was because he’s a Muslim and he hates Christmas: Ok, so, this is total crap, we sit the kids down to watch “The Charlie Brown Christmas Special” and our muslim president [Read More...]

An Orrin Hatch Hanukkah

This post is brought to you by Ron Gold. Would you believe someone if they told you that a Mormon senator from Utah¬†just wrote a Hanukkah song?¬† Well, it’s true: Senator Orrin G. Hatch, a solemn-faced Republican with a soft spot for Jews and a love of Barbra Streisand, has penned a catchy holiday tune, [Read More...]

Atheist Elected to Office Cannot Legally Serve

Remember Cecil Bothwell? He was an atheist who ran for public office in Asheville, NC. He wanted to become a member of the City Council. Last month, we learned he won his race and earned one of three open seats. When I heard there was an update to the story, I figured it had to [Read More...]