Secular Invocation Delivered in Eustis, Florida

Last night, David Williamson delivered a secular invocation at a meeting of the Eustis City Commission (in Florida):

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Friendly Atheist Podcast Episode 6: Sarah Pulliam Bailey

Our latest podcast guest is Sarah Pulliam Bailey, a national correspondent for Religion News Service:

Sarah previously served as online editor of Christianity Today, where she interviewed people like Barack Obama in the midst of his 2008 campaign, Mike Huckabee, Malcolm Gladwell, Condoleezza Rice, and Tim Tebow. She’s also a former contributor to the excellent Get Religion blog on Patheos, a site that critiques stories about religion in the media.

We spoke with Sarah about the state of journalism, what it’s like to run a newspaper at an evangelical Christian college, and why Democrats seem afraid to reach out to non-religious voters.

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Christian Candidate for TN County Commission Slams Muslim Opponent for Not Being Patriotic Enough

Zak Mohyuddin (below) is running for a seat on the Coffee County Commission in Tennessee, but his opponent Mark Kelly is using Mohyuddin’s Muslim faith as a weapon against him, claiming he’s not patriotic like the good Christian Kelly:

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Did the Hobby Lobby Decision Make You Want to #KnitABrick?

What was your reaction to the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby ruling? The staffers at the Secular Coalition for America were angry, but they know that anger alone won’t change anything. They opted instead to create a visual that might stick in people’s heads when they’re in the voting booth (or, in the case of members of Congress, voting on legislation).

It’s a giant wall of separation between church and state, and they’re inviting everyone to #KnitABrick (get it?):

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Southern Baptist Convention Leader Richard Land: Out to Pasture, But Not Irrelevant

A profile of old guard conservative Southern Baptist leader Richard Land (below) in the National Journal reveals some interesting connections about how he drove the shift in conservative Christian politics over the last 10 years and the current Southern Baptist community’s evolution since his heyday.

Called “God’s Lobbyist” by TIME magazine, Land was pivotal to shifting the moderate Southern Baptists of the late 70s and early 80s to a firm line of conservative Christians with an eye toward aggressive political engagement, especially on issues of sexuality and reproduction.

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