These Republicans Can’t Admit Obama is a Christian

Nearly a third of Republicans wrongly believe President Obama is a Muslim, according to a Pew Research Institute poll. It’s even higher in other surveys. But it’s one thing for random, delusional people to think that. It’s another thing when people running for office either believe it or perpetuate the myth to help rile up [Read More...]

He Wasn’t Arresting for Crapping on the Queen’s Pillow

I liked Charlie Brooker‘s take on the “Ground Zero Mosque” that really isn’t either of those things: To get to the Cordoba Centre from Ground Zero, you’d have to walk in the opposite direction for two blocks, before turning a corner and walking a bit more. The journey should take roughly two minutes, or possibly [Read More...]

Harris and Hitchens on the NYC Mosque

Sam Harris offers his thoughts about what Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf should be saying right now about the (close to) Ground Zero Mosque (and community center) — really, it’s a chance for him to speak out against Islam in general: “… While the scriptures of Judaism and Christianity also contain terrible passages, it has been [Read More...]

Virginia Attorney General says Holiday Displays on Public Property Are Allowed…

Last month, Brittany Meyer mentioned a controversy taking place in Loudoun County, Virginia, regarding holiday displays on public property: One side, the Courthouse Grounds and Facilities Committee wants to ban all displays. The other side, including many community members and Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio, thinks all displays should be allowed — apparently even atheist ones. Today, [Read More...]

Arkansas Society of Freethinkers Wins Lawsuit!

Back in December, the Arkansas Society of Freethinkers sued Secretary of State Charlie Daniels “after he refused to grant permission for the group to put up its display, dubbed the Box of Knowledge.” Daniels denied the box despite allowing Christmas decorations. This was the box in question: Well, the two sides have finally settled and [Read More...]