The Nation on Rediscovering Secular America

Atheists get some wonderful press in the most recent edition of The Nation. Editor Katrina vanden Heuvel writes about “Rediscovering Secular America” and the Secular Coalition for America is at the center of the piece: Within a week the Coalition approached Obama. They let him know they had never been part of that “list” [of [Read More...]

Obama Speaks to Catholic Reporters About Faith

This morning, President Obama met with a group of reporters for mostly Catholic publications. Among many topics, he discussed his upcoming meeting with the Pope. The not-so-major-but-kinda-interesting revelations: He is considering choosing a group of churches in Washington, rather than a single congregation, to reduce the impact of his presence on any one community. Joshua [Read More...]

Why Did Mark Sanford Have an Affair? Gay Marriage

Oh satire, how I enjoy you: South Carolina first lady Jenny Sanford released another statement today, this time blaming her husband’s affair on the declining moral values in America. “Of course I’m not saying that Mark is gay,” Sanford said, “but he may as well be. The moral decay in this country has claimed another [Read More...]

A Potential Candidate for South Carolina Governor Takes On Mark Sanford

Herb Silverman, the founder/president of the Secular Coalition for America, has a unique take on the Mark Sanford situation since he himself ran for governor of the state about 20 years ago. Specifically, Herb takes on the infamous apology to everyone: One of Governor Sanford’s press conference apologies was “to people of faith across South [Read More...]

Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern: The Economic Crisis Was Caused By American Immorality

Oklahoma state legislator Sally Kern is back in the news. (She’s the lovely lady who said gays are a bigger threat in America than terrorists a little while back.) So how much nuttier can she get? She is now saying that our country’s problems are due to Obama not being religious enough, the godless heathens [Read More...]