Nebraska’s Governor and Omaha’s Mayor Also Issued ‘Day of Reason’ Proclamations

I didn’t realize until after I put up the previous post that another city (and state!) also issued proclamations for the National Day of Reason. Governor Dave Heineman gave them the state seal in honor of the occasion: … I do hereby encourage all citizens, residents and visitors to join in observing this day and [Read More...]

Two Mayors Issue ‘Day of Reason’ Proclamations in Their Cities

The City Council members in New Orleans, as they’ve done in the past, issued a proclamation declaring today a “Day of Reason in New Orleans.” Charlotte, North Carolina’s mayor Anthony Foxx did the same thing: Charlotte got a gold seal. They win! [Read more...]

Billy Graham Urges North Carolinians To Vote for Bigotry

Whenever there’s a list of Christians who are embarrassments to the “other” Christians, you see the same names over and over: Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Mark Driscoll, James Dobson, Ted Haggard, etc… Billy Graham is rarely on that list. Christians almost universally praise him. He sticks to the message, doesn’t play politics, isn’t controversial, etc. [Read More...]

Members of Congress, What Will You Do for Atheists?

The National Atheist Party has been asking various U.S. Representatives, Senators, Governors and candidates for those offices what they will do for atheist voters. Such a simple thing to do and yet so few have ever taken the initiative… Quietly, they’ve been posting the responses on their website. There’s not much in the way of [Read More...]

Falmouth Residents Up in Arms because City Council Member Skipped the Pledge of Allegiance

What prompted hundreds of people to rally outside Town Hall in Falmouth, Massachusetts earlier this week? Was it corruption by the mayor? No. Was it anger about a policy decision? No. Were they protesting against the 1%? No. They were pissed off because Melissa Freitag, the Vice Chairman of the Board of Selectmen (a.k.a. City [Read More...]