Bad News: Greensboro Mayor Gets Rid of Moment of Silence…

***Update***: Joshua Deaton and other members of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro Atheists/Agnostics/Skeptics attended last night’s city council meeting to voice their opposition to the invocations. Here is Joshua’s speech: … Bill Knight is the mayor of Greensboro, North Carolina and he’s decided to do away with moments of silence before city council [Read More...]

Bill Maher Did Not Insult Your Mom

In case you missed Real Time with Bill Maher last week, you missed a long discussion on religion with conservative atheist S.E. Cupp and the other panelists: Maher made his usual points: That religious people are delusional. Cupp — who seems to use conservative Christian talking points in her attempt to defend religion — argued [Read More...]

Texans for Truth Rally Gets Positive Press

Yesterday was the Texans for Truth rally, urging elected officials to fight back against the revisionist history being proposed by the conservatives on the state‚Äôs Board of Education. They had a lot of supporters there and some very positive coverage in the local media: As the video points out, the revisionist history that’s being proposed [Read More...]

Updates on the Stolen Mojave Cross Memorial

The Mojave Cross was stolen last week and we still don’t know who did it. Someone claims to know who did it and sent a letter to the Desert Dispatch on behalf of the thief. Among the many points made in the letter: 1. The cross in question was not vandalized. It was simply moved. [Read More...]

Lancaster Mayor Thinks You Can Pray at City Council Meetings

Even people not interested in the law know that the will of the majority does not trump the rights of the minority. Government prayers are no exception. You can’t pray in the name of Jesus or Vishnu or Zeus to open a city council meeting. Yet, Lancaster, California Mayor R. Rex Parris thinks it’s perfectly [Read More...]