The U.S. House Has Passed a Bill Protecting Atheists, Animal Slaughter, and Male Circumcision

A new bill designed to amend the International Religious Freedom Act of 1998 passed the U.S. House unanimously this week, and it will lead to some wonderful and horrendous changes. H.R. 1150 will offer extended protections to atheists, who have been persecuted in countries like Bangladesh, which is fantastic, but it’ll also defend the rights of those want to partake in ritualistic animal slaughter and male circumcision.


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Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at Bathrooms as Battlegrounds

On his show the other night, Seth Meyers gave a brief history of bathroom segregation and why current trans-inclusive bathrooms are nothing to worry about (no matter what Ted Cruz tries to tell you):


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Conservative Radio Host Rick Wiles Says Obama and Satan Are Going To “Rape Your Children”

On his TruNews show this week, conservative Rick Wiles went ballistic over the Obama administration’s new guidelines to accommodate transgender students.

After predicting that administrators would “cave in” and adopt the suggestions, Wiles said this would only lead to “civil war.”

And then it got worse.


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TN Mayor Wants Church Members to Pay Lawsuit Costs After City Officials Did What They Wanted

Kevin Caruthers was all set to start up a new whiskey distillery in Etowah, Tennessee last year. He put $200,000 into the business and Hillborn Crafted Spirits was preparing to open for business. But in October, after intense opposition from the North Etowah Baptist Church, the city commissioners voted 3-2 to prohibit alcohol production within city limits. (I’m sure it was purely coincidental that two of the commissioners were members of that church…)

Even though Caruthers had been issued a permit before the vote, the dream of a distillery was dashed.


Things got interesting, however, after a lawsuit Caruthers filed was finally settled.

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In Oregon, Three Non-Religious Candidates Won Their Primaries for the State House

Bernie Sanders‘ victory in the Oregon primary last night may have dominated the headlines out of that state, but there were also a handful of down-ballot races featuring openly non-religious candidates that you may have missed. And all of them were victorious in their bids for the Oregon State House.


The candidates received endorsements from the Freethought Equality Fund last month after coming out publicly as non-religious. Here’s a rundown of who they are and how they did:

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