“Psychic” Uri Geller: Donald Trump Will Win the Election Because He Has 11 Letters in His Name

Uri Geller, the self-proclaimed paranormalist, wants you to know that Donald Trump will win the election. And he has airtight proof: Trump has 11 letters in his name.


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Televangelist Jim Bakker: God Told Me “The Polls Could Be Wrong” About Donald Trump

Televangelist Jim Bakker was getting worried recently since all the polls showed his preferred candidate Donald Trump losing the presidential race in a landslide. While nationwide polls have tightened up considerably since last week, Bakker was concerned enough that he asked God why this was happening.

God’s response? “The polls could be wrong.”


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Arkansas Man Protests Proposed Satanic Statue Near Capitol Because It Will “Invite the Devil”

Count Steven Tate among those Americans who don’t understand how the First Amendment works. In Arkansas, where the government is in the middle deciding whether displays by The Satanic Temple and a local atheist group should be allowed to go up next to a Ten Commandments monument, Tate stood outside the Capitol on Thursday with a sign saying “No Baphomet Statue.”

He says if Satanists are allowed to erect that statue, it would “invite the devil“:


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Sen. Claire McCaskill on Donald Trump and Dr. Oz: “Oh My Lord, Talk About Two Snake Oil Salesmen”

You have to appreciate a sitting senator who calls out bullshit, whether it’s in the Trump campaign, in popular culture, or at the intersection of the two worlds.


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Florida Man Wants City Council to Ban National Anthem Protesters from Public Events

Maybe the most surprising thing about Colin Kaepernick‘s National Anthem protest — and the subsequent sit-downs by athletes everywhere — is how much of the public has no clue how perfectly appropriate that sort of civil disobedience actually is.

Case in point: Sean Dever, a man from Cape Coral, Florida, who wants the local government to pass an ordinance to ban people from public events if they don’t participate in the Anthem ritual.


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