Can This Sheriff Change Idaho’s Deadly Faith-Healing Law?

Some say more children die in Idaho due to faith-based religious neglect than in any other state, but Canyon County Sheriff Kieran Donahue is working to change that, calling the situation “an embarrassment” to the state.


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Telling a Dying Man That Donald Trump Was Impeached Is Better Than Saying He’s Going to Heaven

Last week, an Oregon man named Michael Garland Elliott died. And the reason that became national news is because, according to the obituary, his best friend (and ex-wife) Teresa Elliott told him “Donald Trump has been impeached” just before he took his last breath.

Sounds unethical… but it’s far better than the lies we usually tell people before they die.


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Humanist Tells Iowa Legislators, During Invocation, to Make Wise Decisions “In the Name of Good”

Just weeks after Justin Scott delivered the first-ever secular invocation in the Iowa State House, Rocky Gissler, President of the Humanists of Linn County, gave a powerful invocation of her own.


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Atheist Activist Urges Waverly (IA) City Council To Adopt an Inclusive Invocation Policy (Again)

At this point, the only reason to ignore Justin Scott is because these city council members are intent on breaking the law and promoting Christianity through the government. Do they need to be sued in order to do the right thing?


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GOP Rep. Steve King’s 2018 Challenger is a Democrat Who Once Ran a Psychic Network

Would you vote for a Democratic candidate who once ran a psychic network? She admits it was all fake now, but what does that say about her ethics?


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