Could America’s First and Only Openly-Atheist Congressperson Lose His Seat This November?

Pete Stark is in trouble. For years, Stark has represented California’s 13th congressional district in the House of Representatives. He has served since 1973. He’s currently the longest serving member of Congress from California. But now there’s a rule change in effect: In 2010, California’s voters approved Proposition 14, which replaced the conventional party primaries [Read More...]

Marriage Equality Opposed By Religious Organizations in Washington State

A bill recognizing same-sex marriages was signed into law in Washington State on February 13th and that law (PDF) was scheduled to go into effect 90 days later, on June 7th. But a group called Preserve Marriage Washington, which describes itself as “a coalition of pastors, community and faith groups and citizens,” has spent the [Read More...]

Paycheck Fairness Act Blocked By Senate Republicans

A piece of legislation that would help protect women who sue over getting paid less than their male counterparts was blocked in the Senate today by the Republican party. In a world where women still make 77 cents to every man’s dollar, this piece of legislation would help close the wage gap that is still [Read More...]

U.S. Appeals Court Rules That It Was Perfectly Fine for Illinois Politician to Give $20,000 to Christian Group

A couple of years ago, atheist Rob Sherman filed a lawsuit because Illinois legislators were giving $20,000 to the Friends of the Cross organization “for the purchase and installation of new exterior panels for the cross to replace existing panels that are missing, worn or rusted.” That’s the long way of saying the state was [Read More...]

Dave Silverman Interviews Edwina Rogers

Dave Silverman of American Atheists interviewed the controversial Executive Director of the Secular Coalition for America, Edwina Rogers, and he gets right into the issues people have been talking about online: Highlights: 7:29: Dave asks her to justify the Republican politicians she’s worked for: On social policies, they’re the “bad guys,” right?! Rogers acknowledges that [Read More...]