Rick Santorum Suggests Separation of Church and State Isn’t an American Ideal; It’s a Communist One

STAND America, a group headed by right-wing pastor and politician E.W. Jackson, posted a video on Monday of a conference call between group members and former Senator, Republican presidential primary candidate, and Urban Dictionary entry Rick Santorum.

Brian Tashman of Right Wing Watch picked up an interesting part of the conversation:

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Bill O’Reilly Had a Psychotherapist Analyze American Atheists’ Latest Billboard Campaign

Last night, Bill O’Reilly discussed American Atheists’ recent billboard campaign featuring a girl writing a letter that says, “Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is to skip church! I’m too old for fairy tales.”

O’Reilly didn’t invite anyone from AA to participate in the conversation, of course, because then he couldn’t just say nasty things about them without being challenged. So he instead invited psychotherapist Karen Ruskin, who compared AA to bullies and gang members looking to beat up all those Christians:

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Ugandan Parliament Speaker Warns Pastors of Foreigners Adopting Children to “Train Them on Gay Practices”

Think Progress’ Zack Ford has an article up reporting on new and bizarre comments made by Ugandan Parliament Speaker Rebecca Kadaga (below).

Kadaga is an outspoken opponent of gay rights, championing the infamous Anti-Homosexuality Bill (dubbed the “Kill the Gays” bill by opponents, as its first version decreed a death penalty for homosexuality). The milder version (that passed) implemented a life-in-prison sentence for homosexuality. Uganda’s Constitutional Court overturned the law earlier this year on the grounds that its passage violated parliamentary procedure, but legislators are considering a new version.

Speaking this past Sunday of the alleged dangers of gay rights activists, Kadaga issued some bizarre warnings.

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There Will Be a Satanic Display in Florida’s Capitol Building This Holiday Season

Last year the Florida State Capitol Building became home to a Nativity scene, a Festivus Pole, three signs from atheist groups, and an homage to the Flying Spaghetti Monster:

Despite the cultural smorgasbord, Capitol officials drew the line when it came to the Satanic Temple’s proposed display, calling it “grossly offensive”:

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City Council Votes Down Mosque Saying It Can’t Be in Retail Space… Months After Approving Church in Retail Space

On Monday night, the Kennesaw City Council (in Georgia) voted down a proposed Islamic center located in a strip mall… but even that was an obstacle in itself:

… when the time came, Kennesaw Mayor Mark Matthews had trouble getting the council to take a vote at all. No member would second the motion to proceed.

After several very awkward pauses, the council finally voted. Four of the five members voted “no”.

Why would they say no when the Muslims fulfilled all the requirements of any group looking to acquire the space? Council member Debra Williams (below) made clear this had nothing to do with anti-Islamic prejudice:

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