Obama’s Speech to the National Academy of Sciences

This guest post is by Jesse Galef, who works for the American Humanist Association. He usually blogs at Rant & Reason. … President Barack Obama gave a promising speech on science yesterday to the National Academy of Sciences pledging to devote 3% of our GDP to research and development, proclaiming: “We will not just meet, [Read More...]

Why Are Conservative Christians Fighting Hate Crimes Legislation?

Only a few groups would have the balls to oppose legislation intended to protect victims from hate crimes. Some of those are conservative Christian groups who (once again) see themselves as the victims. Check out this PDF from the Illinois Family Institute (when they go after my Republican Congressperson Judy Biggert, you know it’s a [Read More...]

Florida’s Jesus License Plates

This isn’t even subtle: This image was snuck through the Florida Senate: Religious specialty plates offered by Sen. Ronda Storms, R-Valrico, and Sen. Gary Siplin, D-Orlando, made it onto a bill Friday even though many members had not seen images of those plates and none was produced for the debate. Siplin didn’t mince words when [Read More...]

Roy Moore is Running for Governor

Who is Roy Moore? He’s the former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court who installed a monument of the Ten Commandments into his courthouse. When he was told to remove it, he refused. He was later removed from office — which was good. You don’t want a man to be in charge of enforcing [Read More...]

John McCain’s Campaign Manager Criticizes GOP for Being “Co-opted” By Religious Right

One of the down sides of working on an election campaign is that you can’t always speak your mind until well after the election is over out of fear that it’ll hurt your chances of winning. By the time you do, it’s too late, and we’re wondering where that person was before the election when [Read More...]