Supreme Court Decision in Christian Legal Society v. Martinez

Is it discrimination to not allow discrimination backed by religion?  This is an oversimplification of the question asked in Christian Law Society v. Martinez (PDF), but the Supreme Court ruled on it today in the negative. Here’s a quick and dirty review of the facts: 1) Hastings is a public law school. 2) Hastings implemented [Read More...]

Atheist Mayor Removes Christian Prayer from City Council Meetings

We’ve heard all sorts of stories about city council meetings that begin with a Christian prayer. Finally, one mayor has put a stop to them! Announcing the decision in a secularist group’s monthly newsletter, Mr [Colin] Hall said prayers were ‘outdated, unnecessary and intrusive’ and added they would no longer be said before meetings… Wow… [Read More...]

Is Richard Dawkins Starting a School for Young Atheists?

The British government has introduced plans to change how schools are run in the country: Under plans disclosed by the Coalition [government] last week, parents, charities and voluntary groups will be able to set up “free schools” funded by public money but independent from state control. According to New Humanist, “a worrying aspect of the… [Read More...]

Questions for Elena Kagan

With a reliably liberal justice like John Paul Stevens stepping down from the Supreme Court, his potential replacement Elena Kagan has a lot to prove when looking for support. Since her nomination hearings are set to begin Monday, groups are weighing in on what the Judiciary Committee should be asking her. The Secular Coalition for [Read More...]

Updates on LGBT Heroes

A couple stories from the LGBT world. Constance McMillen, the girl whose school canceled prom rather than allow her to attend with her girlfriend, will appear at the White House today to celebrate LGBT Pride Month. I hadn’t heard this part of her story before, but it looks like Itawamba County Area High School had [Read More...]