A Pastor Who Condemned Rick Perry’s Pray-a-Thon

We often complain that Christians don’t speak out enough against the Religious Right. So when they do it, they deserve credit. That’s why Rev. Jim Rigby deserves some praise. Before Texas Governor Rick Perry‘s Christapalooza rally over the weekend, Rigby publicly condemned it: … as a Presbyterian minister and community organizer, it’s part of my [Read More...]

God Won’t Be Appearing on Ohio Voting Stickers

You did it! When Jon Husted, the Ohio Secretary of State, held an online poll to decide which “I voted” sticker would be given out to voters this November, there were two options (out of six) which unnecessarily mentioned God. This was the one receiving the bulk of the Christian votes: So we rallied. Then [Read More...]

Last Chance to Vote Against God in Ohio

For a while now, we’ve known about how Ohio’s Secretary of State Jon Husted is holding an online poll to select the “I voted” sticker that will be offered this November. Two of those stickers feature the state’s motto “With God, All Things Are Possible.” With only a week left until voting closes, one of [Read More...]

Priest: Stop Calling That Religious Symbol a Religious Symbol!

For some reason, ABC News invited Father Edward Beck and Rabbi David Wolpe to comment on the World Trade Center Cross controversy and Texas Governor Rick Perry’s Prayer Rally. In other words, they brought on two religious people to debate the lawsuits… and not a single atheist was there to counter them. That’s ABC News’ [Read More...]

Why is the Sand Springs, Oklahoma City Council Praying to Jesus Before Meetings?

Usually, when city councils want to pray before a meeting, they’ll get around the legal problem by having an “invocation.” It may be “non-denominational,” but usually, you know it’s the Christian god being referred to. It’s a loophole in the system and some city councils love to exploit it. In Sand Springs, Oklahoma, however, they’re [Read More...]