Judge Halts Christian Prayers at Carroll County (Maryland) Board of Commissioners Meetings

Last May, the Appignani Humanist Legal Center of the American Humanist Association sued Carroll County, Maryland because its Board of Commissioners’ public meetings often began with “Commissioner-delivered sectarian prayers.”

These prayers weren’t just non-denominational. They were plainly endorsing Christianity. See if you can figure out how I know that:

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Atheists Will Soon Deliver Even More Anti-Biblical Books to Georgia State Parks, All Thanks to the Governor

Last May, former American Atheists president Ed Buckner visited a state park in Georgia and found a Bible in his rented cabin. That wouldn’t be unusual in a privately-owned hotel… but a state park?!

It’s not that the Bible was “offensive.” It’s just that, on principle, it shouldn’t have been there. It suggested government endorsement of Christianity.

At the time, park officials removed the Bibles from the cabins, but Governor Nathan Deal quickly put them right back in because he (wrongly) believed they were legal:

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Third Grader’s Attempt to Make the Wooly Mammoth South Carolina’s State Fossil Foiled by Bible-Believing Senators

Earlier this year, third grader Olivia McConnell wrote to her state representatives with a request: South Carolina didn’t have an official state fossil, so could the Wooly Mammoth claim that title?

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Politico: A Major Push to Expand Voucher Programs Will Mean More Creationism in the Classroom

It’s not enough for private Christian schools to teach Creationism in the classroom; many states are now supporting voucher programs that use taxpayer funds to help students attend these schools. We’ve posted about the problem before, and now Politico has issued a “special report” on the issue:

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GOP Gubernatorial Candidate in California Has an Extensive Rap Sheet, But It’s OK ‘Cause He Found God

If you’re in California and you’d like your next governor to be a sex offender and a convicted felon with a history of violence, look no further than Glenn Champ, one of the current crop of six gubernatorial GOP candidates.

Glenn Champ, 48, addressed hundreds of GOP delegates and supporters Sunday at the site of the state party’s semi-annual convention. Introduced by party chairman Jim Brulte and allotted 10 minutes, Champ spoke in between the main GOP candidates, former U.S. Treasury official Neel Kashkari and state Assemblyman Tim Donnelly of San Bernardino County.

Champ, a little-known political neophyte from the Fresno County community of Tollhouse, did not directly mention his criminal past during his speech but said, “In my life, I’ve been held accountable because of my stupidity. I do not want anyone else to be enslaved because of their lack of knowledge.”

There’s a record of Champ’s “stupidity.” It’s called a rap sheet.

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