Judge Rules That South Bend City Council Cannot Give $1,200,000 to Private Catholic School

Remember when the city council in South Bend, Indiana wanted to give $1,200,000 of taxpayer money to St. Joseph’s High School — a private, Catholic school — so they could get a new football field and athletic track? They knew they couldn’t hand over the money directly. People would notice. So their Plan B was [Read More...]

The Superstitions of the Presidential Candidates

This is one of the best (and funniest) Pat Condell videos I’ve seen in a while: [Read more...]

Ron Paul’s Statement of Faith

I know most of you have no intention of voting Republican in the next presidential election, but if you had to pick *someone*, who would it be? Jon Huntsman? Sure, he accepts evolution and climate change, but that ought to be a given for any educated person, right? He doesn’t hide his Mormonism, though, and [Read More...]

Helping Atheists Get Elected in Arizona

The Secular Coalition for Arizona is doing something so awesome, so unique, and so important, that I’m amazed it’s getting no publicity whatsoever. (Yet.) They’re organizing trainings this fall… for atheists who want to run for public office. Training will primarily be aimed at those interested in running for local and state level offices such [Read More...]

Republican Congressperson Wants to Make the 9/11 Cross a National Monument

American Atheists is still in the middle of its lawsuit to prevent the Christian Cross from being displayed in the National September 11 Memorial & Museum (unless museum officials allow icons from all faiths and no faith to be included as well). Meanwhile, Rep. Michael Grimm (R-NY) has found a way to give the two [Read More...]