Behind the Scenes of Elizabeth Dole’s “Godless Ad” Against Kay Hagan

By now, we know Kay Hagan — a Christian — overcame anti-atheist bigotry from her North Carolina Senate opponent Elizabeth Dole. Rob Christensen of The Charlotte Observer has a behind-the-scenes look at how that ad came to be. In a nutshell, the Dole campaign never intended to create the ad because they never thought Hagan [Read More...]

The Party’s Over for Sarah Palin

I’m pretty sure this is what would happen if the Religious Right had their way: I wonder what Sarah Palin did with all the other books… Here’s one more — an ode to the Palin-esque/Young Earth Creationist thinking that humans and dinosaurs lived together at one time… Both are illustrations from Zina Saunders‘ new book [Read More...]

How Did the “Nones” Vote?

It’s not surprising that religious Americans voted overwhelmingly for John McCain. Still, the percent of Evangelical Christians voting for the Democrat this election went up five percent from 2004 (from 21% to 26%). That five percent change in favor of Barack Obama wasn’t the biggest change on the list, though. That honor went to those [Read More...]

The Unfair Negative Ads in North Carolina

Are you kidding me? Elizabeth Dole, in her concession speech after she lost the North Carolina Senate race to Kay Hagan, said this: “People from faraway places poured tens of millions of dollars into North Carolina, funding tough, unfair negative ads against me. I responded forcefully. I’m not happy with the tone this race acquired, [Read More...]

Is Lip Service to Atheists a Good Thing?

Herb Silverman, president of the Secular Coalition for America, writes a piece for the Washington Post On Faith blog where he talks about politicians paying lip service to various groups. Candidates always want to court the Religious Right voters, but they don’t always follow their orders. Instead, they just mention the Christian faith in every [Read More...]