Atheists of Florida Kicked Out of Cape Coral City Council Meeting

A month ago, the Atheists of Florida were threatened by the Cape Coral City Council because they were wearing shirts that read, “One Nation, Indivisible”: This is what happened last time: During the mid-meeting break, Cape Coral Mayor, John Sullivan, and city manager, Gary King, reiterated their demands for members to replace or cover up [Read More...]

Hawaii State Senate Ends Daily Prayer

The Hawaii state Senate has voted to no longer hold a daily prayer. What’s amazing is how Hawaii is only the first state to do this. And what prompted this decision? One person’s complaint about how this was a Christian-specific prayer, not an “all-inclusive” prayer like so many city councils and state legislatures pretend to [Read More...]

Ten Commandments Go Up in Giles County (Virginia) Schools

When the Freedom From Religion Foundation heard that a display including the Ten Commandments was going up in Macy McClaugherty Elementary/Middle School in Giles County, Virginia, they sent the district Superintendent Terry E. Arbogast a letter explaining why this was illegal (PDF). The Ten Commandments are in a frame along with the U.S. Constitution… The [Read More...]

Atheists Not Welcome in Alabama Governor’s Family

***Update***: Bentley, under a lot of pressure, has apologized for his comments: “It was never my intension to disenfranchise anyone”, Bentley said. “If I did make anyone of any faith feel disenfranchised, let me say I am sorry.” … “I did not mean to offend anyone with my comments there,” Bentley said to a group [Read More...]

The Moment of Silence and Prayer Has Begun

When the now-mandatory “moment of silence and prayer” happened in my classroom yesterday, I heard a lot of different responses from students: Why are we doing this…? [Because most Illinois politicians are idiots.] I thought forced prayer was illegal in public schools. [Yes. Yes it is...] Mehta, can we just ignore this like we do [Read More...]