The Union of Church and State Hurts Both

I haven’t had a chance to watch this video yet (it’s an hour long), but it looks incredibly interesting: David Domke, professor of communications at the University of Washington, explains how the union of government and religion tends to degrade the integrity of both. Here’s the video: If you see any part of it, feel [Read More...]

Oklahoma Passes a Ten Commandments Bill

As if there wasn’t enough religion in Oklahoma, the state House passed a bill to put a Ten Commandments monument on the grounds of the State Capitol. They should’ve just installed a giant middle finger with a plaque reading, “To the non-Christians.” At least that would be legal. Without debate, House members voted 83-2 for [Read More...]

New Orleans’ “Day of Reason” a Success

I mentioned a couple days ago that New Orleans was planning a Citywide Day of Reason thanks to a local atheist group. You can see the city’s official proclamation here (PDF). Group president Harry Greenberger also delivered a secular invocation that day to open up the council meeting. Last year, this didn’t go so well, [Read More...]

Abstinence-Only Sex Education No Longer Federally Funded

President Barack Obama‘s getting criticized from the Left and the Right for his budget cutting. But one cut was definitely good for science advocates: Obama eliminated abstinence-only funding for sex education. The Secular Coalition for America had this to say (though this press release is not on their website at the time of this writing): [Read More...]

Bristol Palin Promotes Abstinence; My Irony Meter Breaks

The Elegance of Quantum Mechanics by George W. Bush. How to Dress Conservatively by Britney Spears. I ♥ the Discovery Institute by PZ Myers. Abstinence by Bristol Palin. It doesn’t make sense for certain people to be promoting certain ideas. (Thanks to Kurt for the link!) [Read more...]