The Anti-Gay Christians Are Losing

I’ve said this before, but it’s a mixed bag for me that so many Christians treat gay people the way they do. On one side, they’re pushing gay people (and many liberal allies) away from their churches and faith. And that’s a plus. On the down side, they hurt many gay people in the process. [Read More...]

Illinois Gives Money to Christian Group for Cross; Atheist May Sue

The state of Illinois, which is refusing to give public schools the hundreds of millions of dollars they are owed, had no problem giving $20,000 to Friends of the Cross “for the purchase and installation of new exterior panels for the cross to replace existing panels that are missing, worn or rusted.” This is the [Read More...]

South Dakota’s Tea Party Candidate for Governor Tells Churches to Endorse Him

The South Dakota Republican gubernatorial primary is being held in a couple weeks. One of the candidates is Gordon Howie, the Tea Party candidate. He doesn’t have the most money, but he thinks he still has a fighting chance: Of the five GOP candidates for governor, the two with all the money are Lt. Gov. [Read More...]

Quotes of the Day: Ayaan Hirsi Ali

The New York Times interviewed Ayaan Hirsi Ali about her new book, Nomad: From Islam to America: A Personal Journey Through the Clash of Civilizations. A couple parts of the exchange are below. This is just a sampling of how horrific Islamic societies can be: Your own life has been a case study in female [Read More...]

Fargo Native Wants ISNOGOD License Plate

Fargo native Brian Magee is an atheist who wants to get the license plate ISNOGOD, but North Dakota officials rejected his request. It looks like Magee has a good defense, though. He has photos of license plates from the state reading: PRZZGOD, ILOVGOD and TRI GOD. He’s written an appeal letter to the state’s Department [Read More...]