More Catholic Adoptions Agencies in Illinois Are Shutting Down

Remember how the Catholic Charities of Rockford (Illinois) were so freaked out by the possibility that children might have to be placed in the homes of gay couples because of the new civil unions law that they shut down their state-funded adoption services altogether? Well, the Catholic Charities of Peoria and the Catholic Charities of [Read More...]

Prayer at a Public School Graduation in Texas

After all the graduation prayer chaos of the past few weeks, you would hope everyone learned their lesson: Graduation ceremonies are not a substitute for church. School officials can’t say a prayer. Individuals students may reference god in their speeches, but they shouldn’t be giving sermons or leading everyone in the Lord’s Prayer. It’s one [Read More...]

Todd Stiefel’s Speech on the National Day of Reason

Todd Stiefel gave a really passionate talk at the Triangle Freethought Society‘s National Day of Reason event last month. If you want to know why so many atheists oppose the National Day of Prayer, Todd explains. Plus, there are lots of other great soundbytes in there (If the video doesn’t work for you, try another [Read More...]

Former Liberty University Graduate Warns Us About What the Religious Right Wants

Jason Childs, the founder of the Center for Progress in Alabama, used to be a “Liberty University-trained evangelical pastor.” He has since left that life behind. After a divorce, and not being allowed back into the church because of that, he began driving a truck and seeing the country. Now, he’s trying to warn us [Read More...]

Catholic Adoption Agency Will Shut Down Instead of Letting Gay Couples Adopt

Illinois will begin allowing civil unions on Wednesday. It’s not gay marriage, but that’s a different debate. Still, Catholic Charities of Rockford is so afraid that it’ll now have to place foster children in the homes of gay couples (PDF), that it’s going to shut down it’s state-funded adoption services altogether: In Rockford, the decision [Read More...]