Secular Coalition for America’s Policy Leadership Program

The Secular Coalition for America has a new Policy Leadership Program open to students who live in the Washington, D.C. area! Each participant will have the following responsibilities: 1. Helping to plan, promote and facilitate the Secular Coalition’s first Policy Conference held in spring 2011 in Washington D.C. 2. Choosing one policy topic that the [Read More...]

Christians Were Not Defying the Judge’s Ruling Today

It’s easy to find examples of Christians playing the victim card when they really have nothing to whine about. Case in point: I know Christianity Today has a base they have to appeal to, but take a look at how this headline distorts the truth: Christians Defy Judge’s Ruling and Mark National Day of Prayer [Read More...]

FFRF’s Full Page Ad in the NYT

In case you missed it, today’s New York Times includes a full page ad from the Freedom From Religion Foundation. It explains how the National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional (click image for PDF): Talk about an advertising blitz. This ad plus the bus ads which go up in Madison today will no doubt generate [Read More...]

The National Day of No Prayer

Today’s the day right-wing Christians have labeled a National Day of Prayer. Many government officials across the country will forget that there’s a separation of church and state and declare their religiosity and pander to the base like crazy. To anyone who thinks this is legal, just read what President Obama’s proclamation might look like [Read More...]

University of Illinois Students Draw Muhammad All Over Campus

After the South Park debacle in which Trey Parker and Matt Stone were not allowed to show an image of Muhammad — or even say his name — the Atheists, Agnostics & Freethinkers group at the University of Illinois wanted to show their support for free speech. So they went around campus with chalk and [Read More...]