Thoughts on Election Night

I spent election night at the Barack Obama rally in Chicago. It was an incredible experience. Though I was with a “ticketed” friend, I still ended up far away from the “on-air” action, but I was still in the crowd, joining in the collective experience. Some highlights from the evening: I got into the “tickets” [Read More...]

The Moment Before the Moment After

by Richard Wade I was the very first person in line when my polling place opened this morning. I couldn’t wait. I wanted to be a part of history. I wanted to read in a history book years from now about the pivotal moment that Americans seized today, and be able to remember that that [Read More...]

Atheists in Foxholes and the New Administration

If you’re in Washington, D.C., you may want to consider attending this press conference: Representatives from the Secular Coalition for America and the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers will be hosting a press conference to describe “the conditions and present new policy recommendations for the next administration…” The event takes place Monday, November 10th [Read More...]

Pastafarians for Obama

I don’t care that the election will be over soon. This shirt will still be awesome in years to come Reader Jennifer received it for her birthday this past Sunday! You can get your own apparel with the message at Cafepress. [Read more...]

I Have A Golden Ticket for Tonight…

Well, no, that’s a lie. But I know someone who does. We’re buddies and I’m her +1. So tonight, I’ll be at the Barack Obama rally in downtown Chicago. (Somehow, I also plan to be at work Wednesday morning…) The blog’s on autopost until tomorrow night… hopefully, I’ll be able to get some interesting pictures [Read More...]