Charter School Run by Arizona House Republican Eddie Farnsworth Accused of Christian Bias in English Class

According to the syllabus for a seventh-grade English teacher at Benjamin Franklin Charter School in Arizona, students will soon be reading selections from the Old Testament… a book that was apparently written 6000 years ago.

(Why on earth would seventh graders at a public school be reading Genesis and Exodus, anyway?)

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Secular Invocation Referencing Harry Potter Delivered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Amanda Novotny, President of the Siouxland Freethinkers, delivered an invocation at last night’s meeting of the Sioux Falls City Council:

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Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Law Struck Down


But I’m really perplexed why it’s not making bigger waves in media circles: the Ugandan Constitutional Court ruled their Anti-Homosexuality Act “null and void” last week. This law — which was once dubbed the “Kill the Gays” bill before becoming the “Just Put Gay People in Jail for Life” bill — has been a nightmare for LGBT people in Uganda since it passed at the end of December last year.

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Why Do Evangelical Christians Constantly Act Like They’re Being Persecuted? Here’s One Theory

Whenever someone like Todd Starnes tells a story documenting Christian persecution, we laugh because we know he’s full of it. He cherry-picks details and leaves out the stuff that contradicts his narrative (i.e. the truth).

In fact, if you wanted to find a real story of Christians getting persecuted (in America, I should add), you’d have a hard time finding it.

Alan Noble, writing for The Atlantic, has a theory about why conservative Christians love persecution stories even though they’re in no real danger:

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Republican Whip Sends Bible to Every Member of Congress to Help Them with “Decision-Making”

Even though this is arguably the least productive Congress in U.S. history, maybe that’s for the best given how one legislator thinks they should guide themselves.

Assistant House Whip Rep. Steven Palazzo (R-MS), a Tea Party member elected in 2010, sent a Bible to every member of Congress this week, and Talking Points Memo obtained a copy of the letter that came along with it:

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