Support for Gay Marriage Hits a New Milestone

For the first time ever, support for gay marriage (and the rights that come with it) is in the majority. According to Gallup: Andrew Sullivan puts this in context: To go from 41 points behind to 8 points ahead in a decade and a half must count as one of the most successful political and [Read More...]

Jessica Ahlquist Tells Her Side of the Story

Jessica Ahlquist is a high school sophomore and the lead plaintiff in the Rhode Island ACLU’s lawsuit against the city of Cranston. Her high school is the one that has a School Prayer banner that officials don’t think is religious in nature… Jessica just started writing a blog of her own and her first post [Read More...]

There’s No Decorum and Dignity Left

While you were busy not getting Raptured, Reverend Bradlee Dean was invited to give the opening prayer for the Minnesota House of Representatives on Friday. It gets interesting at the 2:41 mark: I know this is a non-denominational prayer in this chamber. It’s not about the Baptists, it’s not about the Catholics alone, or the [Read More...]

Michael Newdow’s Latest Case Rejected by Supreme Court

Atheist Michael Newdow sued to keep Barack Obama from saying the phrase “So Help Me God” during his Inauguration… and lost. He appealed… and lost again (they said he “lacked standing” (PDF)). Finally, he took his case to the Supreme Court. Earlier this week, they rejected hearing his case. The high court on Monday refused [Read More...]

The Problem with the Scientology Curriculum? It’s Not Christian Enough

The other day, I mentioned how Illinois was considering adopting Scientology’s “Good Choices Program” into public schools. Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson, was advocating for the program developed by her non-profit group Happy House. Illinois hasn’t accepted or rejected the program just yet, but I was pleased to see the Illinois Family Institute [Read More...]