My First Column for the On Faith Blog

I wrote a column for the Washington Post On Faith blog about the Ground Zero community center with the mosque inside. It’s a mixture of some of the things I’ve written about it on this site and a reaction to many of your comments. If you like it (or hate it), please leave your comments [Read More...]

Responses to the Ground Zero Mosque

There have been several recent responses to the planned building of a Muslim community center and mosque (a.k.a. Park51) close to Ground Zero. I’m not opposed to it — more on that later — but I’ve been reading some interesting responses to the situation. President Obama supports the right for Muslims to build the mosque, [Read More...]

Madison Catholic Diocese Buys Cheaper Insurance But Will Fire Employees Who Use It for Birth Control

The Madison Catholic Diocese and St. Mary’s Hospital in the area have issued this (slightly paraphrased) statement to all of its employees: Our new insurance plan covers prescription contraceptives like birth-control. But if you ever take those pills, we’re so going to fire you. They have this insurance plan because Wisconsin law has mandated that [Read More...]

Not the Cover You Would Expect

Kurt Westergaard is the Danish cartoonist responsible for this not-at-all-controversial drawing: His autobiography, Manden Bag Stregen (“The Man Behind the Line”), is coming out this November, but that iconic picture won’t be on the cover. Instead, you’ll see this: That image is the “farewell drawing in the Jyllands-Posten newspaper when he retired earlier this year.” [Read More...]

The AFTAH Anti-Gay-Rights Academy: From the Perspective of Two Who Attended, Day 3 of 3

Two months ago, I posted that Americans for Truth About Homosexuality was holding a “Truth Academy” in order to train the next generation of anti-gay-rights activists. Attendees needed to pay a registration fee and get a “recommendation” from a pastor. I wrote that I would gladly pay the fee for anyone who wanted to go. [Read More...]