Why Bring in an Unnecessary Middleman?

Father Jonathan Morris appeared on FOXNews again… He was there to speak partly about Kara Neumann‘s parents, the people who let her die because they wanted to heal her sickness through prayer instead of modern medicine. His goal was to defend God, while at the same time saying what the parents did was wrong. His [Read More...]

Atheists have a place at the table

This post is by Jesse Galef, who works for the Secular Coalition for America.  He also blogs at Rant & Reason … Last Friday I was quoted a few times in an article by David Gibson entitled “Non-Believers Losing Faith in Obama.”  [Sidenote: I found the title amusing, considering the Politico piece which mentioned us [Read More...]

Enlighten Me on Health Care Reform?

I’ve been following the health-care debate as best I can… but a lot of the information I’ve come across is either too broad or too irrelevant or even contradictory. I really want to support a public plan — I know something needs to change and it sickens me that so many people don’t have any [Read More...]

Rev. Stoltzfoos Delivers Christian Invocation in Pennsylvania Senate

Last week, Rev. Gerry Stoltzfoos was invited to deliver an invocation address to the Pennsylvania state House. When he found out he could not say “In Jesus’ name, Amen” at the end, he decided not to accept the invitation. He said he “had carefully crafted the prayer not to be offensive in any way.” Of [Read More...]

Fired Over a Cracker?

A few weeks ago, the New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal reported that Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper had pocketed a communion wafer he was offered at a funeral. Video of the incident is below: The video shows him taking the wafer but it doesn’t show what he does with it. Rob Linke and Adam Huras reported the [Read More...]