My Non-Debate with a Christian Pastor

Last month, I mentioned that I participated in a non-debate with a Christian pastor. Jay Gamelin and I took questions from the audience (via moderators) and talked about faith and atheism and politics and stereotypes and all things entertaining. The entire video isn’t available at once, but several clips are finally up. The first clip [Read More...]

Anyone Listen to Rush Limbaugh?

Because Rush Limbaugh says you do. Here’s a partial transcript from March 20th (emphasis mine): Something else that I want some of you to think about, and I know that many in this audience — not all — but I know that some of you in this audience are part of the mob. Some of [Read More...]

Mandatory Moment of Silence Approved in Texas

After a long battle by David Croft and his wife Shannon Croft, Texas mandated a moment of silence in all public school classrooms today. A three-judge panel from the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans upheld a district court ruling, saying the law is constitutional because it expressly allows for any silent [Read More...]

President Obama’s Religious Replacements

We know President Obama hasn’t found a church yet (and no one on this side of the theological fence is upset about that). Despite the lack of church, Laurie Goodstein of The New York Times writes that Obama has found a circle of religious friends to help guide him. … [Obama] has quietly cultivated a [Read More...]

Obama’s First 50 Days Via Conservapedia

This is Ron Gold checking in. Barack Obama has now spent 50 days in the White House.¬†Instead of¬†waiting for the standard first 100 days evaluation, I thought I’d get a head start and give some early thoughts. However, when I think about it, I realize it’s extremely difficult to say if Obama is doing a [Read More...]