The Voice of Bart Simpson Tries to Get Scientology into Illinois Public Schools

Illinois already has a broken school system, but our legislators took time yesterday to hear a curriculum suggestion from a celebrity Scientologist: Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson. Why her? Well, first, you have to understand that the Illinois School Code currently mandates that public schools teach character education: “which includes the teaching of [Read More...]

Running for Political Office As An Atheist

There’s no one way to run a political campaign, but we certainly need more atheists running for public office. Cecil Bothwell is currently a City Council member in Asheville, North Carolina. He’s one of a small handful of local politicians who is openly atheist, and he’s running for Congress in 2012. He spoke at the [Read More...]

‘It’s Amazing How Many of the Clergy Are Involved in Those Lies’

Rev. Jim Moats of Newville, Pennsylvania wore a gold Trident signifying that he was a Navy SEAL. His congregation at Christian Bible Fellowship Church also believed that he had served in Vietnam. But all that was a lie. Even though he knew his church believed it, he never corrected them. He finally came clean when [Read More...]

This Has Been Bothering Me All Week…

Headline: CNN Poll: Majority in U.S. say bin Laden in hell Popular t-shirt: Several political cartoons: The front page of the New York Daily News: … Osama bin Laden is not in hell. Because hell doesn’t exist. Damn, it feels good to get that off my chest. [Read more...]

A Few Reactions to the National Day of Prayer

Here’s a misleading headline for you, courtesy of Christianity Today: They’re referring to the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s case against the National Day of Prayer — last month, the U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals said that FFRF lacked standing in the case, thus allowing the NDOP to proceed with government support and presidential proclamations. [Read More...]