Did the Congresswoman Say ‘Under God’ in the Pledge?

Betty McCollum is a Democrat running for re-election in Minnesota’s 4th congressional district. It looks like she’s going to win her seat back, but not before a last-second attack from her opponent. The attacks comes courtesy of an 8-year-old video of McCollum leading the Pledge of Allegiance in the House of Representatives. It turns out [Read More...]

The True History of American Church/State Separation

Think you know the history of separation of church and state? Smithsonian Magazine has an interesting article on the subject by Kenneth C. Davis — he argues that our knowledge of that doctrine contains a lot more myth than we think: From the earliest arrival of Europeans on America’s shores, religion has often been a [Read More...]

Those Militant Catholic Bloggers

This is really what the Catholic Church needs right now: A group of people trying to make Catholicism even less inclusive. The Associated Press reports that conservative Catholic bloggers are trying to hold the church more accountable: Enraged by dissent that they believe has gone unchecked for decades, and unafraid to say so in the [Read More...]

I Guess I’m Not Allowed to Get Married?

We know a lot of candidates for Congress are opposed to gay marriage, but Ted Danz, a Republican running against incumbent Democrat Paul Tonko in the Albany, NY area, might be going even further (emphasis mine): I am opposed to same sex marriage. Marriage is a term that should only be used to define the [Read More...]

Cross-Branding Science Teacher Drops Lawsuit Without a Settlement

It’s been a while since I’ve written about John Freshwater, the middle school science teacher who was accused of burning crosses into his students’ arms and teaching Creationism. Since his firing in 2008, he’s been on “unpaid administrative leave pending an appeal.” On Thursday, though, Freshwater dropped his lawsuit. Freshwater had sought $1 million in [Read More...]