Kay Hagan’s Staff Explains Her Position on “Godless Americans” (and Her Position on Us)

By Richard Wade: … I thought this was important enough to post separately rather than just as a response to my recent comment on Hemant’s post about the latest Senator Dole smear. I have been getting email appeals for contributions from Kay Hagan’s campaign ever since I donated to her campaign. So you can understand [Read More...]

Rachel Maddow Podcast

Nothing to do with atheism. I just love Rachel Maddow. Her video podcast is now available for free on iTunes! (via MSNBC) [Read more...]

Bill Maher and Mike Huckabee Discuss Religion

Bill Maher spoke about his movie Religulous on Mike Huckabee‘s new show on FOXNews. Pretty entertaining for both sides of the religious spectrum: Maher still wrongly defines atheist as someone who categorically denies God’s existence (in other words, saying “There is no God” instead of “I don’t believe in God”). But it’s good to see [Read More...]

The Atheist Team and the Kiva Charts

The “Atheists, Agnostics, Skeptics, Freethinkers and the Non-Religious” group at the charity website Kiva were once topping the charts in terms of number of members. At the moment, while the non-religious team members have loaned a fantastic $87,075, we are in second place when it comes to group members. We’re at 1251. In first place? [Read More...]

Bad Faith Award is Back

It’s time to nominate people for the New Humanist‘s Bad Faith award — the award goes to the most “scurrilous enemy of reason” over the past year. Last year, Dinesh D’Souza beat out Chuck Norris, Westboro Baptist Church, and the Pope. This year, Sarah Palin‘s already on the ballot and others will follow. Even though [Read More...]