Why Are Christians Against Love?

A lot of Christians these days use this argument when they rail against homosexuality: A homosexual struggling against the temptation to act homosexual is no different from anyone else struggling to resist a sinful temptation. John Shore has a great response to this: Here is that Big Difference between homosexuality and other sins: There is [Read More...]

The Free Speech Rock

The Rock is a notable part of Northwestern University. With the first painting of the rock in the 1940s, it became a canvas for student art, opinions, advertising, messages, proposals, and jokes. Tradition holds that if a student wishes to paint something on the Rock, he or she must guard it from sunup until the [Read More...]

The Controversial Non Sequitur Muhammad Comic Strip

Here’s Wiley Miller‘s “controversial” Non Sequitur comic strip which you may not be seeing in your local newspaper today. Harmless. Inoffensive. Not a big deal. Anyone who overreacts to this is crazy. No editor should be caving in and banning this strip out of fear of the lunatics. [Read more...]

Where’s Muhammad?

Take note of Wiley Miller‘s comic strip Non Sequitur in your newspaper this weekend if it regularly appears there. Several newspapers are rejecting this Sunday’s strip in advance. What’s so offensive about it? [It] depicts a lazy, sunny park scene with the caption, “Picture book title voted least likely to ever find a publisher… ‘Where’s [Read More...]

Bill Maher Debates the Bible with Bill O’Reilly

How do you know you’re an atheist? You watch Bill O’Reilly‘s interview with Bill Maher and realize there’s nothing here you haven’t heard 3208423 times before. I think my reactions mirrored Maher’s the whole way through. Really? That’s the argument you’re going with? It’s so overused… It’s not even worth my time to give you [Read More...]