Makes Total Sense: Rep. Louie Gohmert Says If Atheists Want to Be Free, They Should Promote Christianity

Were he a faceless Internet commenter rather than a five-term member of the House for Texas’ first congressional district, the technical term for Louie Gohmert would be “troll.”

Here’s the man’s latest emission: If atheists wish to continue to be free to profess their unbelief in God, they must help Jesus flourish by encouraging Christians to worship. That’s because only Judeo-Christian values can guarantee atheists’ freedom to be godless jackasses Americans.

That, in a nutshell, is what Gohmert said on the floor of the House of Representatives on Thursday. Here’s the video, courtesy of C-SPAN and Mediaite:

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This Christian Group’s List of ‘Ingredients’ For Marriage Equality is Outrageous

Now that marriage equality has been signed into law in Illinois, the anti-gay-rights Illinois Family Institute is bored. Instead of redirecting their energy to a more worthy cause — like a political science class or maybe yoga — the nonprofit Christian ministry created a sloppy image attempting to satirize the state’s recent marriage victory.

Perhaps more than any other material they’ve ever produced, this graphic proves that IFI have no idea what they’re talking about. If this is the logic that guided their work, it’s no wonder they lost.

The fake label reads “Same-Sex Marriage: Emergency Energy for a Desperate Politician” and the product it’s selling is as like to convince you to oppose gay marriage as it is nutritious.

Here are their “ingredients” for same-sex marriage:

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Jingle Bells, Infidels (An Ode to Brian Pallister)

Remember when Brian Pallister, leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba, offered holiday greetings to “infidel atheists“?

Winnipeg Free Press reporter Bartley Kives turned the whole incident into a lovely song he calls “Jingle Bells, Infidels!

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Fox News is Indirectly Contributing to These Atheist Groups’ Bottom Line

Every time Dave Silverman appears on Fox News Channel, an atheist gets out her wallet.

Washington Post media critic Erik Wemple tracks how atheists’ appearances on Fox News — which escalate around this time of year for reasons no one can explain… — coincide with increased donations and membership to their groups:

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Bill Nye the Science Guy Urges President Obama to Invest More in Space Exploration

It’s hard to see how Bill Nye‘s open letter to President Obama will succeed, but dammit, I wish it would:

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