FFRF Sues To Prevent Texas Governor Rick Perry’s Prayer Event

Texas Governor Rick Perry plans to hold a giant Prayer-and-Fasting-fest to fix our nation’s problems on August 6th at Reliant Stadium. He’s invited several other governors to join him, though only a couple have accepted. The event is being hosted by the American Family Association, anti-gay organization considered a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty [Read More...]

Help Out a Secular Adoption Agency

In the wake of civil unions becoming legalized in Illinois, Catholic Charities in various cities have chosen to stop offering adoption services because they don’t want to give any children to gay couples. So what happens to all the kids in their care? They have to go somewhere… The (secular) Youth Service Bureau of Illinois [Read More...]

Illinois Won’t Renew Adoption Contract with Discriminatory Catholic Charities

Now that civil unions are legal in Illinois, groups that receive public money cannot discriminate against gay couples. So when a few Catholic adoptions agencies were faced with the prospect of giving children to gay parents, they decided to shut down instead. In their view, only straight couples and single-people-who-are-not-cohabitating are worthy of being adoptive [Read More...]

The Natural Leaders of a Civilized Planet

Adam Conus points out one of the problems with American politics: Thankfully, our track record is a little better (Hi, Pete Stark!)… but not by much. (via Minimum Comics) [Read more...]

NYC Atheists Responds Regarding Potential 'Seven in Heaven' Lawsuit

The other day, I made a post about how the NYC Atheists are considering suing over a street sign that reads “Seven in Heaven.” My feeling was that this would be a disaster in the making (just from a PR standpoint). Even if they were right on principle, I’m not convinced they could win a [Read More...]