Stop the Religious Persecution!

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In Georgia, a School Board President Faces Opposition Simply Because He Won’t Reveal His Religious Preference

A man named Leonard Presberg was recently elected to the Fayette County Board of Education (in Georgia). That was back in November. In January, he was named Chairman of the board. What are his views on education? You would think that’s the only point of concern for local residents… but at a school board meeting [Read More...]

Finally, Some Good News for Secular Parents in Morinville, Alberta

A couple of weeks ago (and many times before that), I posted about Donna Hunter and the other parents in Morinville, Alberta (Canada) who have been trying to get just one secular school to open in the area. Right now, the only options for their children are religious schools. There have been many setbacks, but [Read More...]

Utah Pays Nearly $400,000 to Settle Road Crosses Case

A couple of months ago, we found out that the Supreme Court had refused to hear a case in which Highway Patrol Officers in Utah were putting up 12-foot-tall Christian Crosses in honor of fallen comrades. That meant the atheists were victorious since they had won their appeal. While the state paid only $1 to [Read More...]

Anonymous Woman Suing City Over Prayers Reveals Her Identity

Last week, I mentioned how the Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors in Virginia began each meeting with a prayer to Jesus Christ. An anonymous woman had sued the city in response — but a judge ruled that the only way for the lawsuit to proceed was if she revealed her identity. In a country where [Read More...]