Biblical Language Taken Out of Bill to Make the Wooly Mammoth South Carolina’s Official State Fossil

It’s the story that never seems to end. But there may finally be a happy ending.

Earlier this year, third-grader Olivia McConnell wrote to her state representatives asking them to make the Wooly Mammoth South Carolina’s official state fossil.

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President Ronald Reagan’s Son Says in TV Ad That He’s a “Lifelong Atheist” and “Not Afraid of Burning in Hell”

It’s not a secret that President Ronald Reagan‘s son, Ron Reagan, is a vocal atheist.

Last November, he taped a radio ad in which he proclaimed his godlessness and advocated for the Freedom From Religion Foundation:

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Dillsboro Mayor Will Begin Board Meetings with Christian Prayer Since “We Ain’t Got Nothing but Baptists in Town”

Dillsboro, North Carolina will begin all future Town Board meetings with strictly Christian prayers, and Mayor Mike Fitzgerald (below) has a very unusual reason for making that move:

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Americans United: Despite the Supreme Court’s Ruling, There Are Still Limits on Religious Invocations

Americans United for Separation of Church and State has launched a project they’re calling Operation Inclusion which will educate elected officials about the limits of the recent Supreme Court ruling allowing religious invocations, investigate all violations of the decision, and fight back when necessary.

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After Losing the Massachusetts Pledge Case, Would the Atheist Side Have Done Anything Differently?

David Niose (below) represented the plaintiffs in the recent case to stop the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance in Massachusetts. The Supreme Judicial Court ruled against him, unfortunately, and yesterday, Niose reflected on whether he would have done anything differently:

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