Conservative Professor and Colleagues Say They’ll Take Lashes on Raif Badawi’s Behalf

While Saudi blogger Raif Badawi (below) is only 50 lashes into his 1,000-lashes punishment for the “crime” of “insulting Islam,” a group of Americans have made an unusual offer on his behalf:

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The Three Words No President Has Ever Said In a State of the Union Address

Last night’s State of the Union address brought a long list of tweetworthy moments, from President Barack Obama‘s wink at the crowd during a recap of the progress his administration has made to a snappy, unscripted comeback about winning his last two campaigns that silenced fussy Republicans.

But the 2015 speech also gave us a few truly pivotal moments, even if they only spanned a few words. Among them: the first time any president has ever used the words “lesbian,” “bisexual” or “transgender” in that address.

Here’s what Obama said (the full speech is available at Medium):

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Here’s Proof That Ken Ham Seriously Overestimated How Many People Would Visit the Noah’s Ark Theme Park

By now, you all know that Creationist Ken Ham‘s Ark Encounter, better known as the Noah’s Ark theme park, is in trouble.

Last month, they were ruled ineligible to receive a tax incentive worth up to $18,000,000.

That $18,000,000 was projected based on what Answers in Genesis thought attendance figures would be like for the park in the years after its opening. They were very blunt about what they thought those numbers would be.

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Insulted Mayor of Paris Intends to Sue Fox News Over False Allegations of No-Go Zones for Non-Muslims

After spreading the falsehood that Paris has “no-go zones” for non-Muslims, Fox News is facing the wrath of Anne Hidalgo, the French capital’s mayor, who says that Fox has insulted her city and should have to defend itself in court.

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State in India Announces Government-Sponsored Ex-Gay Therapy Program for Youth

The Indian state of Goa has announced plans for a governmental program to help LGBT youth “get over same-sex feelings.”

The minister of Goa, Ramesh Tawadkar (below), told the New York Times that homosexuality is a “big problem” in India, and that the new program will help young people learn to live a “normal life.” The law would consider LGBT youth as a “problem group” in need of governmental intervention, in line with “drug addicts, dropouts and migrants.”

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