North Carolina State Representative Dismisses Church/State Separation

After military officials at Fort Bragg cut off the resources for Rock Beyond Belief, many people have been complaining to their local politicians. That includes George G. Cleveland, a member of the North Carolina House of Representatives. He’s also chair of the state’s Homeland Security, Military, and Veterans Affairs committee. So it’s even more incredible [Read More...]

Oregon House Removes ‘Faith-Healing’ Exemption from Law

Good news out of Oregon: The loophole that gave religious parents a “Get Out of Jail Free” card when they killed their sick children by praying for them in lieu of taking them to a real doctor has been nixed. The bill passed unanimously, though two Republican representatives raised concerns that the legislation was taking [Read More...]

Catholic School Suspends Students For Being Pro-Choice

Some students at publicly-funded-despite-being-Catholic St. Patrick High School in Ontario, Canada recently participated in the Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity. They wore red tape with the word “LIFE” written on it and “didn’t talk for the day to display their belief in the injustice of abortion.” It’s a student-run event, similar in nature to the [Read More...]

Don’t Be Right

It’s not just the Religious Right that’s the problem. It’s the Right in general: (via Toothpaste for Dinner) [Read more...]

Ending Tax Loopholes for Millionaire Ministers

Sean Faircloth of the Secular Coalition for America wants church leaders to be treated just like the rest of us: Right now, church leaders receive all sorts of special privileges because of current tax loopholes. To fix that problem, Sean offers Congress three suggestions: 1) Eliminate the tax loophole for clergy 2) Subject churches to [Read More...]