Anti-Science Candidate Susan Hutchison Mocks Richard Dawkins

A couple months ago, I posted about Susan Hutchison, a former news anchor from Seattle, Washington who is running for King County Executive (sort of like a mayor). This is a position that has given rise to future governors of Washington state, so it’s not a seat to be taken lightly. What was weird was [Read More...]

The Hypocrisy Over the Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity

This past Tuesday was the 6th annual “Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity,” a day for anti-abortion high school students to remain silent on behalf of aborted fetuses everywhere. if you haven’t heard of it, here’s the deal: Since January 22, 1973 over 50,000,000 babies have had their voices silenced through surgical abortion in this nation [Read More...]

Christian Student Involved in Lawsuit Now Gives Speeches at Republican Fundraisers

Back in May, I posted this story: California teacher Jim Corbett lost his case against student Chad Farnan. Farnan had accused his history teacher of make anti-Christian comments during class and the court agreed. Based on the lawsuit and the comments I’d read Corbett had made, I wasn’t siding with the teacher (though I agreed [Read More...]

Jurors Consulted the Bible and a Texan Now Faces the Death Penalty

Khristian Oliver murdered a man in 1999 by shooting him in the face and then beating him with his own rifle. He is scheduled to be put to death on November 5th. I have no sympathy for him. He should be behind bars for an indefinite amount of time. But he shouldn’t be put to [Read More...]