Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern: The Economic Crisis Was Caused By American Immorality

Oklahoma state legislator Sally Kern is back in the news. (She’s the lovely lady who said gays are a bigger threat in America than terrorists a little while back.) So how much nuttier can she get? She is now saying that our country’s problems are due to Obama not being religious enough, the godless heathens [Read More...]

Obama Hasn’t Chosen a Church

Reports started going around this morning that President Obama had finally chosen a church: Now, in an unexpected move, Obama has told White House aides that instead of joining a congregation in Washington, D.C., he will follow in George W. Bush’s footsteps and make his primary place of worship Evergreen Chapel, the nondenominational church at [Read More...]

My Upcoming Conversation with…

The other day, I was having lunch with a friend when Bristol Palin rang. I glanced at it, saw that it was from an unknown number, thought nothing of it, and kept eating. As I was driving home, I listened to my voice mail: Hi, Hemant. This is [Bob] and I’m calling from the White [Read More...]

Stop Promoting Religion at the Capitol Visitor Center

Jesse posted here a little while back about H. Con. Res. 131: Directing the Architect of the Capitol to engrave the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and the National Motto of “In God We Trust” in the Capitol Visitor Center. At the moment, the bill now has 160 co-sponsors. Every single one of them, [Read More...]

Governor Mark Sanford’s Apology Excludes Atheists

This post is by Jesse Galef, who works for the Secular Coalition for America.  He also blogs at Rant & Reason … I just heard that Governor Mark Sanford was not hiking, but had in fact sneaked off to visit a woman in Argentina.  Also at issue is that he seems to have lied to [Read More...]