Israel Contemplates Bill That Gives Jews More Rights While Reducing Those of Religious Minorities

In Israel, all are equal, but some may soon be more equal than others.

The “Jewish nation-state” bill would recognize Israel’s Jewish character, institutionalize Jewish law as an inspiration for legislation and possibly de-list Arabic as a second official language. It is being promoted vigorously by the prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu [pictured below], and was approved by the Israeli cabinet on Sunday, but has attracted fierce criticism.

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Ken Ham Says Atheists Are Attacking His Religious Freedom, but Fails to Mention His Illegal Hiring Practices

Either Ken Ham doesn’t understand why people have a problem with his Ark Encounter theme park… or he does, but he’s lying to his Christian audience, anyway. I wouldn’t put that past him.

Here’s the issue: Answers in Genesis, Ham’s ministry, is a religious non-profit. That’s why the Creation Museum can require you to sign a “statement of faith” if you want to work there.

Ark Encounter, the Noah’s Ark theme park that’s eligible for millions of dollars in tax rebates, is a for-profit business. They cannot discriminate in hiring.

But as I’ve mentioned on this site a few times already, a job listing at AiG’s website made clear that being a Christian was a prerequisite, even though the position was for Ark Encounter:

That’s the one thing Ham can’t do if he wants perks from the state. In fact, if state officials believe AiG is discriminating in hiring, they could rescind the opportunity for Ham to earn up to $18,000,000 in tax rebates. (The Freedom From Religion Foundation has already urged the IRS to investigate the park’s hiring policies.)

In a fundraising letter just sent out this week, Ham doesn’t acknowledge any wrongdoing. Instead, he says this is all just Christian persecution:

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Alabama City to Hold Parade With “Keep Christ in Christmas” Theme

The city of Piedmont, Alabama has a Christmas parade on December 4, which is not really a big deal… but their theme could use a bit of work: The annual City of Piedmont Christmas parade will be at 6 p.m. Dec. 4. The lineup will start at the old National Guard Armory at 4 p.m. [Read More…]

Todd Starnes Claims a Library Banned His Book, Completely Ignoring All Their Other Books Written by Conservatives

Todd Starnes is furious that a small library in Alaska won’t accept a donation of his book. Shelf space is limited so they have to be selective and Starnes’ book didn’t receive many professional reviews (the usual bar for a book’s inclusion in many libraries).

Also, you know, no one wants to read Todd Starnes’ book.

But Starnes knows this is really oppression!

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Cherokee County (Texas) Officials Reject Humanist Display Outside Courthouse, but Say the Nativity Scene Can Stay

If you walk past the Cherokee County Courthouse in Texas, it might be hard to miss this Nativity scene they have up right now:

If that’s allowed, surely a Humanist display would be allowed, too, right?

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