Conservatives in a Last Ditch Effort to Spread Lies About Barack Obama

How low can conservatives go with under a week before the election? A church in Harlan, Indiana decided to post this sign for all to see: A Maranatha Chapel Full Gospel church official said this in his defense: “All I done was ask a question! I did not implicate anybody or anything, any party. I [Read More...]

Elizabeth Dole’s Atheism Slander Against Kay Hagan

I stay away from the blog for a day and all hell breaks loose on the Elizabeth Dole/Kay Hagan front. Thanks to everyone who sent me emails about it. To recap: Dole has been accusing her North Carolina Senate seat opponent (Democrat Kay Hagan) of palling around with atheists. Hagan really did nothing of the [Read More...]

The Atheist Bus Campaign and Barack Obama

What do they have in common? Emily Bell of The Guardian writes: The answer is a lot of money from many people — a new model of fundraising, which the web is facilitating. Obama’s campaign attracted about 90% of its donations from people who gave less than $100. Similarly the atheist bus fund is principally [Read More...]

Focus on the Family Explains What Will Happen in an Obama Presidency

James Dobson‘s Focus on the Family has put out a fictional letter written by a Christian from 2012 informing readers of the horrors that may happen if Barack Obama is elected president next week. Here’s a partial list of their worries (PDF): Gay marriage is declared a Constitutional right. The Boy Scouts of America is [Read More...]

North Carolina Republicans Think Atheists Have a Homosexual Agenda

When the North Carolina Republican State Executive Committee (and the Elizabeth Dole campaign) sent out a mailing attacking Dole’s Senate-seat opponent, Kay Hagan, for associating with atheists, they thought they would smear her character. They thought the same thing when they issued a press release criticizing Hagan for attending a fundraiser hosted by atheists. Everything [Read More...]