Alabama County Commissioner Wants to Put Up a Ten Commandments Display at the Local Courthouse

More than a decade ago, Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore installed a giant Ten Commandments monument in the courthouse in the dead of night. When he was told to remove it, he said no, eventually defying other courts’ orders and becoming a Fake Christian Martyr in the process. Eventually the eight other justices on the Supreme Court ruled that the monument had to go — and not long after that, Moore was removed from his seat altogether. (Though, in 2012, he was re-elected to Chief Justice.)

He’s pretty much the perfect example of why religion and politics shouldn’t mix. He lost credibility when he decided to put his faith above the very law he swore to protect. And why place your trust in a judge who doesn’t seem to give a damn what the law says?

That’s also why we should be concerned about Jackson County (AL) Commission member Tim Guffey, who wants to put up his own Ten Commandments monument in the local courthouse. In order to avoid Moore’s fate, though, Guffey is disguising his true intentions:

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Brevard County (FL) Officials May Block Atheists from Giving an Invocation Since They’re Not a “Faith-Based” Group

Since Greece v Galloway, I’ve posted a number of examples of atheists delivering invocations at city council meetings. It’s a natural result of the Supreme Court’s decision: they ruled that sectarian prayers were allowed at government meetings, but that also meant no group, including atheists, could be excluded.

The Brevard County Commissioners in Florida (below) have a different interpretation of the law. They believe that invocations can rightfully be limited to “faith-based” groups — to hell with the atheists.

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Just Like That, U.S. Navy Says Bibles Must Be Returned to Base Hotel Rooms

Earlier this week, following a warning from the Freedom From Religion Foundation, the Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM), which runs more than 40 Navy Lodge hotels across the world, agreed to remove all the bibles from their rooms.

That didn’t mean bibles were banned — guests could always bring in their own copies or request one from the front desk. But the default setting of “let’s promote Christianity in Navy hotels” was finally turned off.

Or so we thought.

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Atheists Should Stop Fighting Church/State Battles Because Christians Are Persecuted in Iraq

Yesterday, on Fox & Friends (so you know this will end well), host Elisabeth Hasselbeck ranted about how atheist groups are removing the Bible from Navy hotels and warning a Georgia school district against football coaches who impose Christianity onto their players.

She went on to say that, since Christians are legitimately being persecuted in Iraq, we should stop paying attention to the pesky First Amendment:

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A Conservative Christian Group is Now Begging the IRS to Come After Politicking Churches So They Can Fight Back

Last month, in the face of a lawsuit from the Freedom From Religion Foundation, the IRS agreed that it would enforce its own rules and go after pastors who endorsed political candidates from the pulpit. This had become a trend in recent years, especially with “Pulpit Freedom Sunday,” but the IRS never went after those churches.

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