Jesus Ultrasound Billboard

A group called Cincinnati Right to Life is putting up five billboards with the following images: That’s Fetus Jesus with a Halo. (Which is also a great band name.) This leads to a number of questions: When the mother gives birth, will the halo produce complications? Christmas does start with Christ. Thank you, Captain Obvious. [Read More...]

Pat Robertson on Marijuana

It’s newsworthy because it rarely happens: Pat Robertson said something reasonable. He was talking about America’s marijuana policy: “There’s something else we’ve got to recognize. We’re locking up people who take a couple of puffs of marijuana, and the next thing you know, they’ve got ten years. They’ve got mandatory sentences. These judges say, they [Read More...]

An Army Survey Biased Against Foxhole Atheists

Sgt. Justin Griffith recently took a test called the Soldier Fitness Tracker (SFT) that would test his competency in four areas: Emotional, Social, Family, and Spiritual. One of these things is not like the others… Why is Spiritual on that list? Who knows… Among the questions Justin had to answer on a scale of 1 [Read More...]

Do Christmas Trees Make You Feel Uncomfortable?

American Atheists’ president Dave Silverman was back on Fox News Channel yesterday — this time, alongside the Catholic League’s Bill Donohue — to talk about a study which claims that Christmas trees in the workplace make some people feel excluded. Somehow, Hitler gets worked into the argument at the end of the clip… Donohue’s suggests [Read More...]

Searching for Secular Education in Edmonton

There’s a brave Canadian mother in Edmonton right now trying to find a public school for her daughter. Donna Hunter can’t find a secular public school, though, because all the local schools are run by Catholics. The Greater St. Albert Catholic Regional Division, which also has schools in St. Albert and Legal, operates all four [Read More...]