North Carolina Atheists to Celebrate Day of Reason at State Capitol

The Triangle Freethought Society has big plans for the National Day of Reason on Thursday, May 5th. In response to the National Day of Prayer, the atheists will be on the grounds of the North Carolina Capitol Building in Raleigh from 11:45a – 1:15p. And they’re bringing speakers: Roy Speckhardt, Executive Director of the American [Read More...]

Florida Mayor Blames Atheists for World’s Problems

There’s never a bad time for politicians to say, “To hell with separation of church and state; I wanna rally my Christian base!” That’s why Texas Governor Rick Perry called for people to pray for rain last week. In Florida, Mayor Sonny Nobles of Live Oak took it one step further. He didn’t just wish [Read More...]

Religious Woman Sues Kansas for Trying To Save Her Life

Mary Stinemetz is dying of liver disease. There is a way she could live: Doctors at the University of Kansas Hospital could perform a liver transplant. Medicaid will even foot the bill. But Stinemetz doesn’t want that… because she’s a Jehovah’s Witness and she think God will hate her if she gets a blood transfusion. [Read More...]

Rock Beyond Belief Application Resubmitted

After getting rejected by officials at Fort Bragg at the last minute, Sergeant Justin Griffith has resubmitted the application for Rock Beyond Belief. If it goes through, it will take place in the fall. The first attempt was not successful, but it was damn close. We received approval at every step in the arduous process, [Read More...]

Bill Maher on the Terry Jones Koran-Burning Incident

When Pastor Terry Jones burned a Koran and the ensuing violence was blamed on him, I wrote this at the Washington Post On Faith blog: As despicable as he may be, Jones didn’t do anything wrong — he certainly didn’t do anything illegal. He burned a book, but he has a right to do that. [Read More...]