Nepal’s Girl ‘Goddesses’ Will Receive Reparations After Having Their Childhoods Taken Away from Them

Certain Hindu and Buddhist groups in Nepal have a tradition of worshiping pre-pubescent girls, known as Kumari, who are deemed manifestations of the goddess Durga. These girls are selected at ages as young as four — and they’re forced to “retire” by the time they hit puberty. It’s like “Toddlers & Tiaras” minus the pretending. These girls were chosen.

For centuries, they didn’t get an education during their reign because, of course, they’re “divine” — a policy that didn’t change until 2008 thanks to a Supreme Court ruling — and they’re catered to for the near-decade they live in their privileged world. By the time their hit their teenage years, they’re like injured college athletes left to fend for themselves because their colleges aren’t paying for scholarships anymore.

As of this week, though, they’re going to get a little bit of help.

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A City Council in Florida Keeps a Bible Handy… Because Tradition

If you want attend a meeting of the Pinellas Park City Council (in Florida), take a good look at the book resting by the Mayor’s seat atop the dais: It’s a Bible that was gifted to the council by the local Kiwanis Club several years ago — which City Manager Doug Lewis claims makes it a historical artifact instead of an affirmation of any religion:

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President Obama Includes ‘Atheists and Agnostics’ as Part of America’s ‘Cultural Fabric’

After President Obama gave a shout-out to “nonbelievers” in his first inaugural address in 2009, atheists have felt a little bit out in the cold with our president. His record on ending discrimination in hiring within faith-based initiatives has been disappointing to nonexistent. His participation in the National Prayer Breakfast events has been galling and [Read More…]

This City’s Police Chief is Openly Breaking the Law by Allowing a Cross on Government Property

In Searcy, Arkansas, home of (private Christian school) Harding University, there’s a cross sitting just outside the local Police Department that was supposedly put there by a local Methodist church last year. It’s a promotion of Christianity that Police Chief Jeremy Clark sees absolutely nothing wrong with:

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Fox Business News Guest Says Satanists ‘Should be Shot’ Right Next to Their Monument

They were discussing the Satanic Temple’s proposed monument on Fox Business News a few days ago — because Fox doesn’t do business news correctly, either — when guest Bernard McGuirk said something crazy:

“They should be able to put the statue up, and then they should be shot right next to it, and then we take it down.”

Alan Colmes at least responded to that comment, though I felt he downplayed it, but the other panelists (and the host) just ignored it. (They were too busy complaining about how the monument is promoting “evil” and is somehow “anti-Christian” — both of which are untrue, according to every single article ever about the monument.)

How could the panel and host just let a comment like that slide?!

I guess they think Jesus approves of killing those who hold views with which you disagree.

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