Neil deGrasse Tyson Sets Up the Joke and J.K. Rowling Spikes It

This was an appropriate question for Neil deGrasse Tyson to ask. I just didn’t expect the author of the Harry Potter series to deliver the perfect response.


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The Christian Right Wants to Protect Women and Children From Who Again?

Has there every been a more perfect example of Religious Right hypocrisy?


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Alaskan Borough Officials Change Rules in Order to Block Satanists from Delivering Invocations

Months after a Satanist delivered an invocation at a meeting of the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly (Alaska) — one that included the words “Hail Satan” — the elected officials have changed the rules so that it never happens again. And they may soon be on the receiving end of a lawsuit as a result.


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New Hampshire House Candidate on Marriage Equality: “Do We Allow Humans To Marry Their Pet Goats?”

Republican Don Leeman, a candidate for the New Hampshire State House, was caught saying horrible things about gay marriage earlier this week.


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The White House Must Be Exorcised Of Bisexual Native American Demons, Says Christian Writer

BarbWire contributor Julio Severo claims an invocation given by a Sioux speaker at the recent White House Bisexual Community Briefing invited gay and bisexual demons to haunt it. Because why not?


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