The Swiss Citizenship of Two Muslim Boys is At Risk After Handshake Controversy

Earlier this month, I posted about how two Muslim boys in Switzerland were at the center of controversy because they refused to shake their female teacher’s hand before and after class. They didn’t want to follow the longtime Swiss tradition because their religion, they claim, won’t allow them to touch women who aren’t family members.


Now, it may be getting even worse for the boys.

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Three Candidates for Oregon State House Come Out As Openly Non-Religious

The Freethought Equality Fund just endorsed three candidates for the Oregon State House — and all three are coming out as openly non-religious in the process.


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Maine Governor Paul LePage: Life Is Precious But Heroin Overdose Victims Should Die Already

Is it better to let drug users who overdose on heroin die, than to give them a life-saving drug?

Maine’s Governor Paul LePage says yes. He just vetoed a bill that had been unanimously OK’d by the state legislature. The bill would have given pharmacists the green light to dispense the opioid antagonist naloxone without a prescription.


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Harriet Tubman Was Christian, but Other Women Who Will Be On Our Money Were Critics of Religion

When we’re talking about the new faces that will eventually appear on U.S. currency, most of the attention is rightfully on Harriet Tubman, the soon-to-be face of the $20 bill. While many people are excited that a woman will finally be on the front of the bill, others are also excited that Tubman was an “unabashed Christian.”

But there are many new faces who will soon appear on our money, and many of the other women had plenty of unkind things to say about religion. Let’s not forget them in this discussion.

Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton

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Atheist Group Files Lawsuit Against War Memorial Cross in Santa Clara (CA) Public Park

For some reason, in Santa Clara (California), there’s a 14-foot-tall Christian cross that’s been in a public park since the 1950s. The Freedom From Religion Foundation filed a lawsuit yesterday (along with resident Andrew DeFaria) claiming that it represents an illegal government endorsement of Christianity. And of course they’re right about that because what the hell else would it represent?


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