Televangelist Jim Bakker: Donald Trump’s Critics Have Initiated the Apocalypse

When the Apocalypse occurs, you liberals better feel really, really bad about yourselves, because your hatred of Donald Trump made it happen. At least that’s what televangelist Jim Bakker says.


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Russian Orthodox Leader Sprays Holy Water on Government Computers to Stop WannaCry Attack

They can hack our political campaigns, but they think spraying water on computers is a smart move…


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Chuck Norris Says He’d Accept Position As Donald Trump’s FBI Director

Chuck Norris has no real qualifications to serve as the head of the FBI… which, in Trump’s mind, also makes him one of the most qualified candidates.


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Montreal is Taxing Churches for Sensible Reasons; Naturally, Ministers Are Freaking Out

City officials had to draw a line somewhere. Now that they have, it’s hardly surprising that some church leaders are upset over it.


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Should the U.S. End Its “Special Relationship” With the Vatican?

With Donald Trump set to nominate Callista Gingrich to serve as the new ambassador to the Vatican, some are calling for the position to be abandoned entirely.

The ambassadorship is “unconstitutional and inappropriate,” according to the Freedom From Religion Foundation.


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