Leaked Email Suggests that DNC Official Wanted to Use Bernie Sanders’ Alleged Atheism Against Him

According to a leaked internal conversation between Democratic National Committee officials, CFO Brad Marshall appears to have asked colleagues back in May whether it was possible to “out” Bernie Sanders as an atheist, perhaps as a way to discredit him to voters.


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Atheists Sue Kansas City for Approving $65,000 Grant for Baptist Convention

This September, the National Baptist Convention will be held in Kansas City, Missouri, thanks to a $65,000 gift from local taxpayers. Now American Atheists is suing the city to prevent them from going through with the illegal grant.

KC - Approval MinutesPg6

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Atheists to House Majority Leader: If We’re Not Divided By Religion, Let Us Deliver an Invocation

On Tuesday, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said in his speech at the Republican National Convention that “Republicans believe in an America that isn’t divided by race, religion, or gender.” Now, American Atheists wants him to prove it.


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Jesus and Donald Trump: A Comparison of Their Statements

MAD Magazine just released a free ebook called MAD Dumps on Trump — “you get what you pay for!” — and I especially loved this spread comparing Donald Trump‘s statements to the words of Jesus:


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Donald Trump, in GOP Nomination Speech, Pledges to Let Pastors Endorse Candidates from Pulpit

According to the leaked version of Donald Trump‘s RNC speech tonight, the Republican presidential candidate will include a section about how he plans to repeal the Johnson Amendment, which prohibits churches (and other non-profits) from making political endorsements.


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