LGBT Flag Outside Florida County Center Is “Unbearable,” Says Christian Employee

After the mass shooting in Orlando last week, a rainbow flag went up outside the county center in Hillsborough, Florida. But a complaint from a Christian may soon bring it down:


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A Look at The Satanic Temple’s Creative Demonstrations to Protect Abortion Rights

Over the past couple of years, The Satanic Temple has staged some of the more inventive responses to the pro-life movement. They filed a lawsuit on behalf of a Missouri woman who said it was her religious right to not abide by the state’s 72-hour waiting period for abortions. They countered a counter-demonstration to a pro-life protest that involved pouring several gallons of milk on two women. Another protest involved bondage fetish wear, baby masks, diapers, and group flagellation.

TST PP Detroit-7

Now, Broadly host Callie Beusman has a short film about the Temple’s fight to protect women’s abortion rights.

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For the First Time, a “Secular Caucus” Will Gather at the Texas Democratic Convention

Since I mentioned the Texas Democratic Convention earlier today, I wanted to also bring up this exciting news: The Secular Coalition for Texas will host the first-ever “Secular Caucus” today, in order to “educate the Texas Democratic party about non-religious voters, who now comprise more than one-­quarter of the entire Democratic party.”


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Utah’s Republican Lt. Governor Apologizes for Past Treatment of Gay People in Heartfelt Speech

When they hear the words “Mormon,” “Republican,” and “Utah,” LGBT people have good reason to run the hell away. But in a vigil speech made by Utah’s Mormon Republican Lt. Governor Spencer Cox this week, following the mass shooting in Orlando, he apologized about the way he treated gay people in his past:


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Texas Democrats Will Consider Adopting Resolution to Remove God from the National Motto

When the Texas Democratic Convention meets this weekend, one of the agenda items will be discussing the various resolutions that have been proposed by local districts in order to add them to the party’s platform.

Many of them aren’t very interesting, but this one stood out from the crowd:


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