Montana House Candidate Greg Gianforte Won’t Say Whether He Accepts Evolution (Because He Doesn’t)

Say hello to Greg Gianforte, someone who is all-but-guaranteed to be Montana’s next U.S. House representative, and someone who rejects science because the Bible told him to.


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Christian Pastor: Religion Is Dangerous… But Not Mine Because “Christianity Is Not a Religion”

Christian Pastor E.W. Jackson admitted on his radio show the other day that religion is a dangerous force in the world because it can spur people to do things in the name of faith that they might not do otherwise.

Just don’t apply that logic to him.


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We May Be Better Off If Trump Ignores the White House Faith-Based Office, Says Its Former Leader

Donald Trump still hasn’t staffed the White House‚Äôs Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. But the former leader of the office says that may not be a bad thing since Trump’s administration is likely to ignore church/state separation.


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Podcast Ep. 157: The Church Police Force (and Other Stories)

We discussed an Alabama church asking for its own police force, the upcoming Supreme Court case involving church/state separation, whether it makes sense to protest a Chick-fil-A on your college campus, whether you can be a Christian who denies the resurrection, and more!


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Coralville (Iowa) City Council Approves Day of Reason Proclamation

The atheist activists are killing it in Iowa. The city of Coralville joined Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, and Waterloo in issuing a Day of Reason proclamation, marking May 4 as a day to honor human intellect and evidence-based thinking.


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