Rand Paul Ignores Question About Why Atheists Should Vote for Him

Reader Justin Scott, an Iowan who takes his politics seriously, has been going to meet-and-greets with a number of candidates to ask why atheists should consider supporting them.

While he’s been able to chat with just about everyone in the race, Rand Paul wouldn’t give him the time of day. He rejected Justin’s question about why conservative atheists should consider voting for him on three separate occasions at the University of Northern Iowa on Saturday night.

Two of them were caught on video:


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Christian Persecution is Driving Voters to Donald Trump, Says Texas Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert

If you were asked, off the top of your head, to come up with a list of potential reasons for the rise of Donald Trump, what would you say?


You might start with things like (in no particular order) general political dissatisfaction, racism, xenophobia, “Islamophobia,” anger toward President Obama, etc. You may note that some people seem to perceive a disregard for civility as strength; that people perceive his “speak-first-think-later” tendency as openness and honesty; that his carefully crafted tough-no-nonsense-businessman image resonates with those who have spent the last seven years ranting about mom jeans.

But if you asked the Ted Cruz-endorsing Texas Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert? Well, you don’t need a list for that. Gohmert’s answer is as simple as it is steeped in fantasy. As Gohmert explained to Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, people are embracing a king-like narcissist because they’re sick of Christians being persecuted by a king-like narcissist in America.

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Washington State Politician Posts Another Anti-Evolution Poem on Public Facebook Page

David Madore is the Clark County (Washington) councilor who thinks evolution is a joke. The other day, he posted an original poem on his public Facebook page in which he showcased the supposed virtue of Intelligent Design.

Looks like he just published Part 2:


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Marco Rubio and the (False) Savior Complex

Thursday night’s Republican primary debate held promise, if only because Donald Trump and his antics would be absent. The Donald was apparently worried that Megyn Kelly would give him cooties, or, ya know, ask him substantive questions. With the carnival barker absent, this was an opportunity for the presidential hopefuls to demonstrate their gravitas and qualifications.

There was a chorus of conservative voices excited about Senator Marco Rubio afterwards, and that excitement wasn’t necessarily misplaced. Relative to the rest of the folks on the stage, Rubio didn’t do terribly. That said, not doing terribly on a stage full of absurdity isn’t saying much. There was one instance, in particular, that deserves a point-by-point analysis of the nonsense.


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To Counter Satanic Invocation, Arizona State Rep. Will Hold Prayer Rally to Protect Phoenix

While the Phoenix City Council in Arizona is deciding whether or not members of The Satanic Temple can deliver an invocation prayer at a meeting on February 17, State Rep. Kelly Townsend isn’t taking any chances.

She’s organizing a prayer rally to counteract whatever damage the Satanists may cause:


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