Texas Will Now Require Women to Bury or Cremate Abortion Remains

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, just signed into law a series of anti-abortion measures, including one requiring women in the state to bury or cremate fetal remains from their abortions.


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Christian Right Activist: “Non-Religious Judges” Have Taken Over the Supreme Court

If this is what persecution looks like, sign me up.


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Reza Aslan Doesn’t Deserve to Lose His CNN Show Over a Critical Tweet

CNN has split with Reza Aslan, canceling his show Believer, after he used a profanity to describe Donald Trump on Twitter.

You don’t have to be a fan of Aslan to say CNN’s reaction was wrong.


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They Don’t Want to Listen to Ted Cruz at Christian Conferences Either

It seems like even the conservatives at the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference had enough of Sen. Ted Cruz yesterday.


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Wisconsin Legislator Insists the Earth is Only 6,000 Years Old During Debate

Last month, during a debate in the Wisconsin legislature over a bill that would punish college students for disrupting speakers, the bill’s sponsor, State Rep. Jesse Kremer, asserted that the Earth was only 6,000 years old.


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