This Is How You Handle The Catholic League’s Criticism of Your New Movie

Bill Donohue, known for ranting against all things he deems anti-Catholic, criticized a comedy film depicting the Church.

So the filmmakers found a way to take advantage of it.


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Religious People Are Split on the Theological Usefulness of Fidget Spinners

Religious people are finally weighing in on the fidget spinner phenomenon — and I’m surprised to hear they’re not all calling it a tool of a the Devil.


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Pop Star Selena Gomez: Religion “Freaks Me Out” Sometimes

Selena Gomez, the 24-year-old actress and pop singer, recently said she is freaked out by and uncomfortable with “religion” despite the fact that she remains a believer in God and the therapeutic benefits of faith.


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Christian Right Group Is Furious That TGI Fridays Says “Hell” in a Commercial

If kids aren’t supposed to hear the word “Hell,” can we safely assume these moms won’t be taking their kids to church anymore…?


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Pure Flix, Now Streaming Christian Movies, Isn’t So Pure

Pure Flix, a Christian movie studio now positioning itself as the Kirk Cameron of video streaming services, promises to protect Christian families from the evils of words like “hell” and “damn.”

But it turns out it can’t save its subscribers from content that insults and demeans atheists, the LGBT+ community, and even victims of mass shootings.


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