Spotlight is Now Streaming on Netflix

For those who haven’t seen it yet, Spotlight, the film about Boston Globe reporters who uncovered the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal, is now streaming on Netflix.


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The Woman in the Moon Has Been Revealed

On the Late Show the other night, Neil deGrasse Tyson stopped by to teach Stephen Colbert about the Woman in the Moon.


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Shouldn’t It Be Obvious That All Superheroes Are Fictional?

Here’s an entertaining thought experiment: If I told you there was a man with supernatural powers, who people looked to in times of need, who was thought of as a savior, who was immortalized in books and films, and who had scores of enemies, would you say this person was real or fictional?

Superman is fictional. Catwoman is fictional. The X-Men are fictional.

But when the superhero is Jesus, suddenly everyone thinks he’s real.

That’s the premise of a documentary called Batman & Jesus. It’ll be out next year, but the trailer is up right now:


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Mel Gibson is Gearing Up to Make The Passion of the Christ 2

I know Hollywood loves sequels, and I know Christians believe Jesus is coming back in this lifetime… but I wasn’t expecting to see those worlds collide anytime soon.

Screenwriter Randall Wallace has confirmed that a sequel to The Passion of the Christ is in the works, presumably with Mel Gibson at the helm once again.


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An Atheist Singer Humiliated on Ecuador’s Got Talent Found Redemption at the Reason Rally

At the Reason Rally, a 16-year-old singer who was criticized for her atheism on a popular Ecuadorian TV show took the stage with Penn Jillette and performed a duet with him.

It was her chance at redemption and the audience welcomed her with open arms.

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