Kirk Cameron: Wives Should Always “Honor and Respect and Follow Their Husband’s Lead”

Actor and Christian evangelist Kirk Cameron did an interview with the Christian Post last month in which he talked about how women ought to be subservient to their husbands in the relationship. It’s a message he preaches during his “Love Worth Fighting For” tour and one that’s all too common within Christian fundamentalism.


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The Neon Trees’ Tyler Glenn Powerfully Rebukes Mormon Church in New Music Video

The music video for Tyler Glenn’s new single “Trash” is a stunning rebuke of the Mormon Church.


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“Moderate” Jordan Bans Lebanese Rock Group For Music That Contradicts Abrahamic Faiths

Et tu, Jordan?

Via the Associated Press:

Jordan has banned a performance by a popular Lebanese rock band on religious grounds, spurring criticism of the Western-allied kingdom, which portrays itself as an island of tolerance in a turbulent region.

Mashrou’ Leila (“Leila’s Project”) is known internationally for violin-laced pop music with catchy Arabic lyrics. Songs often tackle controversial subjects such as corruption, censorship, state violence and sexual freedom. …

The band is on a global tour promoting their latest album “Ibn El Leil” (“Son of the Night”), which boasts a cover image of a man with wings and a wolf mask. Some local media in Jordan blasted the imagery as Satanic.


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Christian “Prophet” Explains How Prince’s Death Fulfilled Biblical Prophecy

William Tapley, a.k.a. the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse, wants you to know that Prince‘s death verifies biblical prophecy.

Why? Because, as a letter writer explains, he was the Prince (of peace!), referenced purple rain in his music, and talked about partying like it’s 1999.


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Prince Remembered: A Final (Church) Sign o’ the Times

A United Methodist Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma commemorates Prince with the opening lyrics from “Let’s Go Crazy.”


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