These Seminary Leaders Thought Posing Like Gangstas and Sharing the Image Online Would Be Hilarious

This is the sort of thing that only happens to people who live in a bubble.


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Bill Nye’s Patronizing, Preachy Netflix Show Limps From Awkwardness to Embarrassment

Have you watched Bill Nye Saves the World? If you’re like me, you want those hours back.


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Oprah Winfrey Celebrates Anti-LGBT Pastor John Gray in New Eight-Episode Series

Pastor John Gray has charisma and a constant smile on his face, so why would Oprah care if the beliefs he advocates have hurt millions of people who want nothing more than equal rights?


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Here’s a Great Video Compilation of Celebrity Atheists

This is an excellent roundup of celebrity atheists who have been outspoken about their (non-)beliefs. Most of the names are probably familiar to readers of this site, but it’s still fun to watch.


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Christian Pastor Kevin Swanson: Beauty and the Beast Promotes “Inter-Species Breeding”

Oh, sure, Pastor Kevin Swanson is irrationally freaked out by the gay character in the live-action Beauty and the Beast film. But you know what’s really awful? The way the movie promotes inter-species fornication. (Seriously.)


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