Alan Moore Talks About Godless Event

This is what I get for not living in Britain. I miss Nine Lessons and Carols for Godless People: And that means I miss graphic novelist (and the genius behind Watchmen) Alan Moore: On the up side, New Humanist Magazine is uploading a number of interviews with guests of the show on YouTube. Check them [Read More...]

“His Dark Materials” Trilogy on Indefinite Hold?

The Golden Compass movie took in about $380,000,000 worldwide. By just about any measure, that would be considered a success. So why are the sequels (The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass) not being made? Because of the Catholic Church, say several people associated with the first film. Asked what had happened to the two [Read More...]

How “Letting Go of God” is Truly a One-Woman Show

Julia Sweeney explains why the label “one-woman show” is a perfect way to describe Letting Go of God. Unlike her previous projects which had corporate backers and some creative input from other people, her show about atheism is hers all the way — right down to shipping the CDs and DVDs to Amazon warehouses. I [Read More...]

The Community Holiday Party

A lot of you must have seen Thursday night’s episode of Community on NBC because I got several messages about it. The full episode isn’t available on Hulu yet, but this trailer gives you an idea of what to expect (sorry, non-Americans!): And elsewhere in the episode…: Shirley: You think religion is stupid. Jeff: No, [Read More...]

Letting Go of God Airs on Showtime

Julia Sweeney‘s fantastic one-woman show Letting Go of God had its Showtime premiere earlier a few nights ago and will be airing on the premium channel several times over the next month! Specifically: Showtime’s deal gives them dibs on the movie for a year. If the ratings are good and the audience likes what they [Read More...]