Star Trek‘s Kate Mulgrew: ‘I Am Not a Geocentrist’

Earlier today, Terry posted about a forthcoming movie called The Principle by director Katheryne Thomas. The movie suggests that our sun revolves around the Earth — not the other way around.

Narrating the film is former Star Trek actress Kate Mulgrew, which seemed like quite the change of pace for her, going from a pro-science series to an anti-science movie.

Physicist Lawrence Krauss, whose video clips appear in the film, has already voiced his opposition to being used without his approval.

Now, Mulgrew is speaking out, too. On Facebook, she just posted about how was not exactly a willing participant in this project:

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New Documentary, Narrated by Star Trek‘s Kate Mulgrew and With Atheist Interviewees, Says the Sun Circles the Earth

The belief that the Earth is at the center of the universe and that the sun circles our planet went out the window in the mid-1500s after Nicolaus Copernicus published On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres. It became completely discredited when Johannes Kepler added in his two cents a century later. Copernicus, by the way, came 1,800 years after Aristarchus of Samos, who posited a similar theory: that the Earth circles the sun, not the other way around. In that regard, there’s nothing new under the, em, sun.

That is, unless you’re Katheryne Thomas, the director of The Principle, a soon-to-be-released Christian documentary that promises to turn the current knowledge of our galaxy on its head by allegedly returning to the old saw that our sun circles the Earth.

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Do Churches in New Zealand Really Deserve Tax Breaks? A Filmmaker Would Like to Tackle That Question

New Zealander Toby Ricketts wants to know why churches in his country get a major tax break — when they don’t necessarily deserve it — and he’s trying to fund a film that will answer that question and more. It’s called Pennies From Heaven:

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This Week, PBS Will Begin Airing Neil Shubin’s Evolution Series, Documenting How We Are ‘Just a Jerry-Rigged Fish’

In 2006, paleontologist and evolutionary biologist Neil Shubin and his team discovered fossil remains of a genus they called Tiktaalik. While anti-evolutionists constantly declare there are no “transitional fossils,” Tiktaalik beautifully represented the shift from fish to amphibians, containing traits of both and countering those Creationist claims.

Shubin later wrote about his discovery and how our own bodies give us clues to our evolutionary past in Your Inner Fish, and that book is now being turned into a three-part PBS documentary series that begins airing this week.

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In Saturday Night Live Sketch, Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains Global Warming to Fox & Friends Crew

No, Neil deGrasse Tyson wasn’t actually on Saturday Night Live last night, but Kenan Thompson portrayed the astrophysicist explaining global warming to the dunces hosting Fox & Friends (watch the clip on NBC or Hulu):

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