If ‘Girls’ Took Place in the Garden of Eden

In case you missed last night’s “Saturday Night Live,” host Lena Dunham took us back to the Garden of Eden, where she played a “struggling twenty-something” version of Eve…

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He Did Not Just Say That, Did He…?

Creationist Ken Ham wants to make sure you don’t see the movie Noah because — *gasp* — it’s not biblically accurate. In an interview, he explained his fear and gave the greatest sound bite ever:

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This is Why Hollywood Isn’t Making Films About Atheism

We know there are a lot of big-budget movies promoting Christianity coming out over the next few weeks — “Noah,” “Son of God,” “Heaven is for Real” — and there’s no shortage of Christian-themed films throughout history.

Lawrence Krauss thinks that Hollywood, contrary to its stereotype as a bastion of liberal ideas, should really start making some atheism-themed films:

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Frontman of Prominent Christian Metal Band Pleads Guilty In Murder-For Hire Plot to Kill His Wife

In May of last year, a man who’d become famous for his Jesus-inspired music became a lot more famous when it emerged he’d tried to hire a hitman to kill the mother of his three children.

Now Tim Lambesis has made a confession, reports the New York Post.

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A Christian Filmmaker, Encouraged By His Atheist Friend, Goes Looking For Answers in ‘My Week in Atheism’

Pastor Ryan Bell, trying to get better acquainted with the atheist world, recently started immersing himself in it for one year. John Christy, another devout Christian, is at least 1/52nd that committed. He did the same thing, but initially for just a week; that engagement began to stretch toward a year, though, once he decided to make a documentary about his experiences, called My Week in Atheism.

The Christian Post reports:

John Christy, a devout Christian filmmaker and student of religion, and David Smalley, an atheist activist and radio host, have released a new documentary film they made together, “My Week in Atheism,” about their friendship caught between the two opposing worldviews.

The film premiered over the weekend at the Crest Theater in Sacramento, Calif., showing the two traveling together to secular conventions, university campuses, and a live talk show, and how they maintain a close friendship while protecting their worldviews and activism.

“The way the world is today, people too often view others with different beliefs as their enemies. But David and I have developed a deep friendship — even though we talk, and argue about religious differences all the time,” said Christy in a statement.

“As I’ve gotten to know David more, I appreciate his challenge to my faith. Rather than digging in my heels to defend myself, I’ve tried to take an honest, intellectual look at what motivates atheism and why I believe what I believe,” added Christy, who has a B.S. in Religion and Theological Studies and plans to get an M.A. in Christian and Classical Studies in 2015.

Here’s the film’s trailer:

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