Rick Perry Could Take Lessons from Arnold Vinick

I’ll file this in my List of Things the Current Republican Presidential Candidates Will Never Say: (Thanks to Seth for the link!) [Read more...]

The Musical Version of The Selfish Gene

Yep. Richard Dawkins‘ classic book has somehow/strangely/seriously been turned into a musical and it’s opening today. Jonathan Salway has a background in theatre, not biology, but when he read Dawkins’s book, the clarity of writing, the fascinating subject matter and even the humour so inspired him that he felt compelled to transform it into musical [Read More...]

Rolling Stone Found This Too Controversial

When comedian Ricky Gervais had the chance to be on the cover of a recent issue of Rolling Stone, he submitted a picture of himself as a sad clown with a gun in his mouth… and he considered submitting this alternative (just in case a suicidal clown was too offensive): (Photo by Nadav Kander) For [Read More...]

No Wonder Sita Sings the Blues…

Last week, the beautiful animated movie Sita Sings the Blues was going to be screened at Starlight Pavilion in Queens, New York. If you haven’t seen it, set aside some time and watch it: Roger Ebert, who words contain more truth than you’ll ever find in a Holy Book, loved the film. Anyway, I say [Read More...]

Dexter vs a Religious Killer

I don’t watch Dexter, but reader Derek points me to the Showtime trailer for Season 6, in which Dexter encounters a man who killed his own wife. The man has a Jesus tattoo on his chest. How does he reconcile the tattoo with his crime? “God forgives us… You cannot kill me, because God is [Read More...]