Bible Verse in L.A. Noire

There’s a new video game for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 called L.A. Noire and there’s one particular part of it worth mentioning on this site. You can see the scene play out in the walk-through below — the relevant bit occurs at the 3:40 mark: As Detective Phelps searches through a murder victim’s [Read More...]

Singing About the “Disco Institute”

Musician Andrew Fox has a fantastic new song out called “Disco Institute” — Can you guess the inspiration…? It’s catchy, awesome, and the only party song I’ve ever heard that mocks intelligent Design and the people who perpetuate bad science. Here are a couple excerpts from the lyrics: Shut your mind off, Toss it down [Read More...]

Atheists in The Office

In case you missed The Office this week, Dwight is the interim regional manager. One of the things he does with his power trip is make all the employees say the Pledge of Allegiance. The camera then pans in on Oscar keeping his mouth shut while everyone else says “Under God” (sorry, non-Hulu people!): Later [Read More...]

Google Chrome’s ‘It Gets Better’ Ad

A beautiful commercial aired during Glee tonight, featuring Dan Savage and the “It Gets Better” project: Honest question: Has any major church submitted a video for this campaign? I’m assuming no — the last thing the Christian church wants to do is make anything better for the GLBT community — but maybe someone can prove [Read More...]

Jesus Parodies Rebecca Black

I guess one Christian parody of Rebecca Black‘s “Friday” wasn’t enough. At least this one wasn’t made by a church: Thirty-three A.D.; time for the passion Get Ciaiphas, Get Pontius Pilate Gotta get a whip, gotta take some lashes. King of the Jews, my time is coming A crucifixion, everybody’s yelling Got a big cross; [Read More...]