Collision Screening with Me in Chicago Tonight

Tonight, I’ll be appearing in a panel discussion about the movie Collision which documents a series of debates on the topic: Is Christianity Good for the World? It features Christopher Hitchens, author of God is Not Great, and evangelical theologian Doug Wilson. The event is being sponsored by me and The Painted Door, a Chicago [Read More...]

The Gap Hates Christmas, Say Christians with Tunnel Vision

I mentioned a week ago that Liberty Counsel (a Christian group) put out their annual list of “Naughty & Nice” places to shop. “Naughty” were places that said things like “Happy Holidays.” “Nice” were placed that prominently displayed “Christmas” at the expense of everything else. The Gap is mentioned among the “Naughty” places. Gap – [Read More...]

Vinyl Sagan

If you read science or atheist blogs, odds are you’ve seen the video of “A Glorious Dawn,” which featured remixed versions of Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking. The autotuned song was created by John Boswell. Now, Third Man Records is putting out a limited edition 7″ vinyl record release of the song: Third Man Records, [Read More...]

The BibleThumper iPhone App

There are plenty of Bible-related iPhone applications out there, but this one is slightly different. Shake up your phone and a new Bible verse appears. An amusing, possibly-graphic, potentially-obscene, and/or violent Bible verse. Good times. The designer of the app, Francis Dierick, took this project personally. In an email, he writes: Selecting those quotes was [Read More...]

I’m Jealous of My Soul-Buyer

My friend Jim Henderson, a.k.a. “He Who Bought My Soul on eBay,” is going to be featured on an episode of This American Life this weekend! The subject: Bait and Switch. This week the theme is Bait and Switch and of course they thought about Christians. So they found Off The Map because we are [Read More...]