Is It Important to Wait for Marriage Before You Have Sex?

I know your answers to this already, but if you’re an evangelical Christian, the expectation is that you’re abstinent until marriage. In some cases, you may even wait until your wedding day to share your first kiss. Director Matt Barber and his team are trying to tell the story of people who go to these [Read More...]

Doctoral Student Says Video Games Equate Religion with Violence

Greg Perreault, a doctoral student from the University of Missouri School of Journalism, is getting some publicity for a recent presentation he made at the Center for Media Religion and Culture Conference on Digital Religion. (Yep. That’s a thing.) His finding: “… Many newer-generation video games equate religion with violence in the game narratives.” Perreault [Read More...]

Can We Remake Christian Remakes of Songs…?

(In response to this post.) [Read more...]

Inventor Selling Pseudoscientific Product Gets Caught in Shark Tank

In case you don’t watch the show “Shark Tank,” it’s a reality show in which a panel of rich business tycoons judge someone’s “great idea” and have a chance to invest in it. The “contestants” have to pitch their idea to the panel and face a barrage of questions about their business plan, previous sales, [Read More...]

Trailer for the James Randi Documentary

This looks like it’s going to be a great movie about a fascinating human being: If you’d like to help turn “An Honest Liar: The Amazing Randi Story” into a reality, please contribute anything you can here. [Read more...]