Joy Behar Is One Confused Atheist…

Does Joy Behar have any idea what she believes? if you watch this (otherwise pleasant and civil) interview with Father Edward Beck, you get the impression she’s confused about religion, atheism, and everything in between. Things start to get weird at the 3:00 mark. Behar admits she’s an Agnostic, but adds she wouldn’t go so [Read More...]

The Christian Rebecca Black

What’s worse than Rebecca Black‘s “Friday” video? The Christian version of it… called “Sunday” (of course). … and the church that made it is located only miles from where I live. *Double face p(s)alm* … You know you want the lyrics… (I tried to transcribe it. My fault if there are any errors) Eight a.m., [Read More...]

I Can Play One Chord on a Guitar…

How did I not know about Rodrigo y Gabriela until yesterday? They’re freaking amazing. And now I’m in the middle of listening through everything they’ve ever done… What other bands/groups am I unaware of that you’re all keeping from me? (I’m just gonna assume you can all read my mind.) [Read more...]

Celebrities Mentioning Their Atheism

In the latest issue of Rolling Stone (full article not available online), comedian Ricky Gervais talks about his atheism. That’s not new. I just like this accompanying picture: I’m pretty sure that’s what fundamentalist Christians think about when they hear the word “atheist”… Gervais isn’t alone in talking about his atheism, though. He’s joined by [Read More...]

An Ode to the Brain

The latest video in the excellent Symphony of Science series focuses on the brain. This one featured the autotuned words of Carl Sagan, Jill Bolte Taylor, and Bill Nye, among others: [Read more...]