I’m on an Ark!

Phil Ferguson has an entertaining idea for the Creation Museum’s Governor-approved, soon-to-be Ark Park: Once they get done building the Ark in Kentucky…. Go there and make a music video… I’m On An Ark! Try to include as much bible and Noah talk as possible. A skeptic-themed video, mind you. Not like “Baby Got Book.” [Read More...]

Anne Hathaway Explains Why She Left the Catholic Church

Actress Anne Hathaway was recently on NPR’s Fresh Air to discuss her movie “Love and Other Drugs.” At one point, host Terry Gross brought up the topic of homosexuality and the Catholic Church: GROSS: I should mention, this is maybe a good place to talk about it, that your brother is gay, and he got [Read More...]

The Pompous Theist

You may have seen the “Privilege Denying Dude” Internet meme that features a random white guy saying white guy things: It spawned all sorts of clones (Commenters are saying this was not the original version of the meme — the sentiment is the same, though), some of which are more entertaining than others. I’m a [Read More...]

Tony Danza’s Funeral Outburst Makes Sense

Philip Carlo, the biographer of a couple notable mass murderers, recently died. At his funeral, the priest did what so many priests do in those occasions: He talked about the Bible. A lot. That apparently made actor Tony Danza very upset… A source at Thursday’s wake at Peter C. La Bella Funeral Home in Bensonhurst [Read More...]

The Rock Stars of Science Photos

GQ magazine is playing host to an awesome photo spread called the “Rock Stars of Science” in its latest “Men of the Year” issue. The campaign began last June and you can see the older photos here. The new pics are being unveiled today for the first time. The goal is to get people excited [Read More...]