Julia Sweeney: The Real Housewife of Wilmette?

The Chicago Tribune‘s Mary Schmich has a nice column today about actress Julia Sweeney. It focuses on what we already know (and love) about her: she’s left Los Angeles (physically and mentally) to become a mother/wife in the north suburbs of Chicago and she’s thrilled about it. She’s still an atheist, too. But just as [Read More...]

The Advantages of Pretending to be a Christian

I got this email yesterday from a North Carolina resident: Over the past couple of years I have slowly realized, that… I don’t believe in the spirit in the sky with magical powers. This is all fine and dandy, except I literally live in the middle of the bible belt. Nearly my entire community it [Read More...]

The Rap Guide to Evolution

Baba Brinkman explains evolution for the rap-loving youth: You can see a more recent freestyle rap here. I never thought I would be saying this but my list of pro-science and atheist rappers is growing. Awesome. (via New Humanist) [Read more...]

The Filipino Freethinkers Film Festival 2010

It’s really hard to get college atheists and local atheist groups to get a giant group together for much of anything. So when a couple hundred get together, anywhere, I’m paying attention. They’re doing that in the Philippines this weekend, during their first (hopefully annual) Filipino Freethinkers Film Festival: “Most of us don’t question our [Read More...]

Defending the Duggars?

Over the weekend, I stumbled across the cover of the new issue of People on a library table: 19 kids…? My eyes wanted to bulge at the sight of that number, but they stopped doing that when the number hit double digits. It’s just not a surprise anymore. The question on the cover is “How [Read More...]