Stephen Baldwin Would Rather His Daughter Die than Lie About Jesus

Stephen Baldwin, “actor” and evangelist, is currently appearing on the British version of Celebrity Big Brother. He’s providing everyone with memorable soundbytes. Like: If we’re from apes, why are the apes still here? If we evolved from apes, they would have died out… But this next one isn’t just stupid, it’s frightening: If someone pointed [Read More...]

Walt Disney and Atheism

While the Walt Disney Company is under fire from evangelical Christians because their movie “The Princess and the Frog” contained things like voodoo and Ouija boards, we’re learning more about the namesake’s personal beliefs. This excerpt from an article in The Wall Street Journal is especially interesting: Walt Disney always called himself a Christian, but [Read More...]

Sex, Drugs, and Religion

B.A. Brooks has put together a 71-minute film about religion featuring news clips, interviews with atheists and comedians, and narration by Pastor Deacon Fred of Landover Baptist Church: The description: Sex, Drugs & Religion is a 71 minute look into the wacky world of religion. Targeting groups from Catholics to Baptists, this movie exposes the [Read More...]

Black Atheist is a Cast Member on Real World

I don’t watch MTV’s The Real World, but it seems new cast member Ty Ruff is an atheist. And he’s black. Those things don’t go together very often — certainly not on television. His bio says this: … Despite growing up in the church, he is anti-religion and thinks believing in God is a crutch… [Read More...]

Jesus Junk, Revisited

I didn’t realize how much awful Jesus Junk there actually was! The Redheaded Skeptic has example after example of cheesy Christian clothing: And there’s more where those came from… Scary. [Read more...]