Ricky Gervais Discusses Religion, Atheism, and The Invention of Lying

Ricky Gervais has been making the media rounds the past few weeks to talk about his new movie The Invention of Lying. In the movie, lying leads to, among other things, the invention of religion. So, Gervais has been talking about religion in many of the interviews he’s done: When [Gervais' character] Mark Bellison learns [Read More...]

Jazz Bassist Ben Allison Outs Himself As an Atheist

Ben Allison is a jazz bassist whose ninth album, Think Free, will be released in a couple weeks. What’s the deal with the album’s name? Allison explains: This is my “coming out” album. I’ve been living with a secret for quite a while. It’s something that most of my friends know about me but I’ve [Read More...]

Exorcised Gay Teen Speaks to Tyra Banks

Remember this video? That was Manifested Glory Ministries (in Bridgeport, CT) trying to rid a teenager of The Gay. The video made the rounds several months ago. Well, the 16-year-old teenager that is the subject of that video is going public about it. “Jeffrey” appeared on The Tyra Banks Show to talk about what you [Read More...]

Creation Movie Finds U.S. Distributor

After a bit of controversy, the Creation movie starring Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly has a U.S. distributor! Indie distributor Newmarket is back on the acquisitions scene, picking up U.S. rights to Toronto International Film Festival opener “Creation.” Chris Ball’s and Robert Fyvolent’s company has sealed the deal for Jon Amiel’s pic about the life [Read More...]

“Is God Dead?” Editor Dies

John T. Elson is the former religion editor for Time magazine who came up with that cover in 1966 — for the Easter issue. He died a couple weeks ago at the age of 78. The New York Times notes the significance of the cover: The issue caused an uproar, equaled only by John Lennon’s [Read More...]