Focus on the Family Warns Parents That Pokémon Go Includes “Evolution” of Creatures

A new guide to Pokémon Go from Christian group Focus on the Family includes a completely unnecessary warning about how the creatures can “evolve” during the game.

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Third Eye Blind: “Raise Your Hand If You Believe in Science!” Republican Crowd: “Boooooo”

The band Third Eye Blind played a concert for charity outside the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last night — which meant playing for a lot of people who were also in the area for the Republican National Convention. And by all accounts, it was a glorious evening, with the band trolling the mostly conservative audience.


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Ken Ham: Pokémon Go is Evidence of Creationism

Creationist Ken Ham recently learned how to play Pokémon Go from some of his staffers. But as anyone who’s plays the game knows, a big part of it involves evolving the creatures… which led to this remarkable exchange in which Ham tried to understand what the hell that means:


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Congressman Says He’s Looking Into Why a God’s Not Dead 2 Ad Was Rejected by Cleveland Company

We recently learned about a billboard controversy taking place in Cleveland, where the Republican National Convention is taking place. Now a Republican congressman is investigating the non-issue. Because if there’s one thing Republicans know how to do, it’s inquiring into fake problems.


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Brother of Qandeel Baloch: I Killed Her Because “Girls Are Born to Stay Home and Follow Traditions”

Over the weekend, we learned that 26-year-old Qandeel Baloch, a.k.a. “Pakistan’s Kim Kardashian,” was strangled to death by her brother in what was dubbed an “honor killing.” It happened shortly after Baloch posted a picture on Instagram of herself with a senior religious leader. And now her brother has confirmed every suspicion about his motive.


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