Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Rapper Nephew Wrote a Song in Response to B.o.B.’s Flat Earth Tweets

The other day, the rapper known as B.o.B. told his nearly 2.3 million Twitter followers that the Earth was flat, using the kind of proof that a smart third grader could refute.


The kicker to all this was that Neil deGrasse Tyson chimed in with some quick rebukes.

Yesterday, however, Tyson went a step further. He got his nephew — stage name TYSON — to record a song correcting B.o.B.’s errors over the beat of Drake’s “Back To Back.” According, the song is titled “Flat To Fact.”

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Rapper B.o.B. Says the World is Flat and He’s Got the Evidence to Prove It

On Sunday, the rapper known as B.o.B. — most of you will know him from his songs “Nothin’ on You” or “Airplanes” — explained to his nearly 2.3 million Twitter followers that the Earth was flat.

And he had the kind of proof that would make Ken Ham envious.


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Hollywood “Medium” Tyler Henry, Whose Show Premieres Sunday, Wants to Specialize in Suicide Victims

This Sunday, E! will premiere a new show about a “psychic” who helps Hollywood stars get in touch with their dead relatives. (Because why lie to gullible strangers when you can lie to gullible celebrities?)

But to make the charade work, you need someone young, attractive, and fully convinced of his own “gift.”

That someone is 20-year-old Tyler Henry, who’s already getting the Dr. Phil treatment:


Susan Gerbic, at Skeptical Inquirer, is especially frustrated that Henry plans to specialize (my word, not his) in suicides:

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This Really Would Be the Best Star Wars Action Figure

Comedian Pierre Bennu saw his son playing with a Lando Calrissian action figure, clearly excited about the new Star Wars movie.

But he quickly learned that Star Wars had nothing to do with it.


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Fox Will Air a Star-Studded Live Musical Version of Jesus’ Crucifixion

Fox will broadcast a live two-hour musical rendition of The Passion — about the final hours leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus — on Palm Sunday, March 20th.


The production has multiple tiers of weirdness, partly because it has to appeal to practically everyone. Not only is it being aired live, it’s being partially performed on a mile-long stretch of a public street in downtown New Orleans, where Jesus will be dragging a 20-foot illuminated cross. What could possibly go wrong when a blood-soaked Jesus, followed by lights, cameras, and cracking whips is paraded around a city known for drunken lewdness?

Anything. Which is why they’ve got my attention.

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