A Glimpse Into the Life of a Child Raised as a Jehovah’s Witness

In a short film called Dios por el Cuello (God by the Neck), director José Trigueiros shows you what it’s like to grow up as a Jehovah’s Witness, unable to attend birthday parties and being used as a pawn to advance the Church’s agenda.

It’s in Spanish but includes English subtitles:

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TLC Officially Cancels 19 Kids and Counting

With all the stories we’ve heard over the past two months about Josh Duggar molesting five girls (including four of his sisters) when he was younger — while some of them were sleeping, no less — it was somewhat surprising that the network airing his family’s show hadn’t canceled it completely. Sure, TLC stopped airing episodes of the show back in May, but would they seriously keep it going in the future?

That question has finally been answered because the network has finally decided to pull the plug for good, ending the show before its 11th season. The Associated Press has the scoop:

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Just a Stone’s Throw


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Friendly Atheist Podcast Episode 63: Ray Comfort’s Audacity: A Review and Discussion with Actor Travis Owens

Our latest podcast is all about evangelist Ray Comfort‘s new film Audacity, a movie with the goal of convincing gay and lesbian viewers to renounce homosexuality.

Jessica and I watched the film (so you don’t have to) and we give you the play-by-play along with commentary. (So there’s your spoiler alert!)

After that, beginning at the 34:44 mark, we have an *exclusive* interview with the film’s star Travis Owens. He plays Peter, a very devout Christian who wants to spread the Good Word, but sometimes hesitates because it might be awkward. Because he hesitates, bad things happen — especially to gays and lesbians who didn’t accept Jesus into their lives.

In real life, Travis is actually very supportive of LGBT rights, which makes his appearance in this film both questionable and fascinating.

We spoke with him about what it’s like to work with Ray Comfort, whether he’s received more feedback from LGBT viewers or Christians, and why he took on a role that contradicted his personal beliefs.

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Ray Comfort: Give My Anti-Gay Movie Awesome Fake Reviews Because Those Who Saw It Hated It

Ray Comfort is on a mission to make sure his film Audacity doesn’t end up at the bottom of the IMDb Worst Movies list (where his buddy Kirk Cameron‘s film ended up last year). So he tweeted this yesterday:

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