Here’s a Cringe-Worthy “Hotline Bling” Parody That’s Supposed to Make You Want to Come to Church

This “Hotline Bling” parody by the people at Florida’s Church by the Glades is intended to make you come to their services instead of sleeping in on Sundays. But after you watch it, I suspect you’ll come away very satisfied with your decision to stay home…


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A Ghostbusters Review That Focuses on the Real Issue: Why Aren’t These Ghosts in Hell?

In a hilarious review of the new Ghostbusters movie, The Onion‘s film critic Peter K. Rosenthal argues that the movie is horrible because we never truly understand why these ghosts aren’t burning in Hell for their earthly sins.


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Arkansas Pastor Shares “Truth About Pokémon” (Spoiler: Demons Are Involved)

Arkansas Pastor Dwain Miller has a warning for anyone out there playing Pokémon Go: It’s evil and demonic and you need to stay off his lawn.


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Christian Writer Condemns Pokémon Go Because “Pocket Monsters Using Special Powers” Are Evil

Former pastor Ricky Scaparo wants you all to know that his kids won’t be getting anywhere near Pokémon Go. It’s obvious he doesn’t have a good reason for this, though. He just knows there’s a biblical reason to oppose it.


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Ghostbusters Reboot Won’t Be Released in China Because It Involves Ghosts

The extremely hyped and unreasonably controversial Ghostbusters reboot won’t be released in China, says The Hollywood Reporter, because the nation censors films that “promote cults or superstition.” And a movie about busting ghosts involves, well, ghosts.


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