Now Online: A Fascinating Documentary About How Evangelical Christians Deal with Sex

If I asked you to describe evangelical Christianity, “sex-negative” would undoubtedly be near the top of the list. The culture that embraces purity rings, abstinence-only sex education, and compares women who have fooled around to glasses of spit that no one would want to drink has warped a lot of people’s minds about what constitutes healthy, safe sex.

It’s that attitude that pushed former evangelical Christian Brittany Machado and director Matt Barber to create a documentary about the relationship between Christianity and sex.

It’s called Give Me Sex Jesus and the film is now online for the first time:

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Christian Factory Worker Fired After Pushing Anti-Gay Movie on Colleagues

Readers of this site are surely aware of Ray Comfort‘s anti-gay film Audacity. The movie is all about a Christian who tries to rescue gay people from eternal damnation because, you know, he loves them too much to let them suffer.

For example, in an extended metaphor, the Christian doesn’t warn two lesbians that an elevator is broken. They eventually step inside and fall to their deaths. The Christian blames himself for not saving them. (Get it?)

The overriding message in the movie is that homosexuality is wrong and Christians need to rescue gays and lesbians from the clutches of their disease.

So you can imagine how it went over when Chris Routson recommended the film a lesbian colleague at work. Besides making for a really awkward future company picnic, Routson was also sending the implicit message that he thought a lot about her sex life and wanted to fix whatever she was doing in the bedroom.

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Kim Davis’ Lawyer Says a Host on The View Called For Davis To Be Killed

Mat Staver, the lawyer for Kim Davis who’s doing his best to prolong his time in the media spotlight, said on Liberty Counsel’s “Faith and Freedom” show today that Davis needs prayers because she’s received a lot of death threats.

Obviously, anyone who does that deserves total condemnation.

But Staver specifically pointed to a threat made on a popular TV show:

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A Vampire Movie… with a Secular Theme

The Gospel According to Stephenson is a vampire film that doubles as a battle between religion and atheism:

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Star Trek’s “Q,” John de Lancie, Comes Out as Openly Secular

The latest person to film a video for the Openly Secular campaign is John de Lancie, an actor best known as “Q” on Star Trek:

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