Atheist Professor Gives Chelsea Handler a Great Example of How Religion Controls Women’s Sexuality

On a recent episode of Chelsea on Netflix, Chelsea Handler spoke with a couple of celebrities about their religious faith. And after the audience’s brain was successfully mush, she brought in some tonic by way of Professor Phil Zuckerman, author of such books as Living the Secular Life and The Nonreligious.


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This Soon-To-Be-Made Short Film Is All About Religious Satire Gone Too Far

Here’s an interesting film idea: Four people create a film satirizing religion… but their criticism ends up offending just about everyone to the point where viewers want revenge. It’s a 12-minute short called Godless, and the filmmakers are raising money for the production.


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A Review of Ray Comfort’s The Atheist Delusion (Yep, I Watched the Whole Thing)

Last night, I watched Ray Comfort‘s latest film The Atheist Delusion… because I’m a masochist and it’s one of the requirements. I’ll admit I was curious what the movie would look like after our interview. After all, the film’s tagline is “Atheism destroyed with one scientific question.”

Let’s just say my atheism is doing just fine.


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Even Glenn Beck Thought God’s Not Dead Was an Awful Movie

On his show yesterday, conservative Glenn Beck talked about how he and his daughter went to go see the film God’s Not Dead, the film all about an atheist college professor who pushes his non-belief on students, only to get outsmarted by a passionate Christian. Turns out Beck hated the movie, walking out halfway through.


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Saudi Clerics Don’t Want You Playing Pokémon Go in Mecca

Even Saudi Arabia isn’t immune from the lure of Pokémon Go.


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