Ricky Gervais to Stephen Colbert: “You Don’t Believe in 2,999 Gods. I Don’t Believe in Just 1 More”

If devout Catholic Stephen Colbert invites atheist Ricky Gervais on his show, you can bet religion’s going to come up in their conversation, and last night was no exception.


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A Conservative Christian Blogger Was Wrong to Condemn Meryl Streep’s Call for Empathy

While Meryl Streep’s speech at the Golden Globes was widely seen as a denunciation of Donald Trump, it was really a call for more empathy and kindness in the world. It was the sort of thing Jesus spoke of in the Sermon on the Mount. So why would a conservative Christian blogger be so against it?


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Uh-Oh! Gwyneth Paltrow Is Dispensing Terrible Vagina Advice Again!

Gwyneth Paltrow wants you to stick a jade egg up your vagina.


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WWE Superstar Seth Rollins: I’m “100% Atheist” and a “Disbeliever All the Way”

I know nothing about professional wrestling, but I’m told that this is big news: WWE superstar Seth Rollins says he’s an atheist:


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Netflix’s One Day at a Time Has a Great Episode About a Secular Woman Debating Her Catholic Mother

Netflix’s reboot of One Day at a Time, which premiered this weekend, has an excellent episode in which the main character and her mother get into a fight over whether they should go to Church on Sunday. It’s a conversation I know a lot of atheists have had with their own families.


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