Duck Dynasty Daddy Muses About Atheist Family Getting Raped, Shot, Beheaded, & Castrated to Show How God is Good

Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson (below) wanted to tell his audience at the Vero Beach Prayer Breakfast on Friday that atheists don’t have any moral authority because, apparently, you need God to be good. It your typical Christian apologist bullshit… but the example he used to illustrate his point is just appalling:

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Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas Is No Longer the Worst Movie in IMDb’s History

I think Kirk Cameron is having a party somewhere.

Last December, I noted that his movie Saving Christmas had the dubious distinction of having the worst film in IMDb history.

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American Atheists Will Air Its First National TV Commercial Tonight on CNN

Before and after tonight’s CNN special, “Atheists: Inside the World of Non-believers,” American Atheists will air its first-ever national TV commercial:

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Do You Believe the Reviews of Do You Believe?

They’re baaaaaaackkkk… those smarmy Christians and evil atheists have returned to your neighborhood theater! Pure Flix’s Do You Believe? opened yesterday in theaters nationally to the same critics-hate-it/audiences-love-it response that their film God’s Not Dead received last year.

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Losing God, a Documentary About Shedding Your Faith, is Now Available on Amazon

A few years ago, Josh Preville was a Pentecostal Christian. Today, he’s an atheist.

That transition wasn’t easy, but it gave him the inspiration to create a documentary in which he discusses faith with a variety of atheists and Christians. No big names; just people from both sides who have very strong beliefs and want to share them.

Losing God is now available to rent or buy on Amazon Instant Video. A trailer is below:

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