Ben-Hur, the Faith-Based Epic That Cost $100 Million to (Re)Make, Flopped at the Box Office

Ben-Hur, the remake of the classic 1959 film about a merchant living in the time of Jesus, flopped over the weekend, raking in just $11 million (and an addition $10 million worldwide), a mere dent in its $100 million budget.


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Sausage Party: A Film About Groceries Going Godless

If you just saw the trailer, you might think Sausage Party is a film about profanity-spewing food. It’s actually a substantive reflection on religion. We know our beliefs about God and the afterlife can be shaken up in an instant. The question is: Will we embrace the evidence or cling to what’s comfortable?


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Netflix Series Last Chance U Shows Football Players Subject to Illegal Christian Proselytizing

The Netflix series Last Chance U is all about the players on the East Mississippi Community College football team, some of whom were kicked out of their elite Division I programs or didn’t have the grades to compete at that level. The show has received really positive reviews since it became available a couple of weeks ago.

In addition to the uplifting stories, however, there’s another side of the story that got very little coverage: This is a football team where coaches pray with students and push the Bible, acts that might seem inspirational but still violate the law:


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Atheist Professor Gives Chelsea Handler a Great Example of How Religion Controls Women’s Sexuality

On a recent episode of Chelsea on Netflix, Chelsea Handler spoke with a couple of celebrities about their religious faith. And after the audience’s brain was successfully mush, she brought in some tonic by way of Professor Phil Zuckerman, author of such books as Living the Secular Life and The Nonreligious.


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This Soon-To-Be-Made Short Film Is All About Religious Satire Gone Too Far

Here’s an interesting film idea: Four people create a film satirizing religion… but their criticism ends up offending just about everyone to the point where viewers want revenge. It’s a 12-minute short called Godless, and the filmmakers are raising money for the production.


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