An Epic Rap Battle Between Ash Ketchum and Charles Darwin

It’s the fight you’ve been waiting for: Charles Darwin versus Ash Ketchum, a person I had never heard of until I wrote this post. (He’s something something Pokémon.)


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Joshua Feuerstein Wrongly Attacks Jay Z for Rapping About Giving a “Middle Finger to the Lord”

Christian evangelist Joshua Feuerstein just joined the chorus of conservatives infuriated by the fact that Jay Z and Beyoncé are campaigning for Hillary Clinton — because they use “bad words” in their music!

But here’s where Feuerstein’s ignorance comes into play. Look at the screenshot he used to denounce Jay Z… and see if you can spot the error.


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On the Next Dr. Phil: A Teenager Claims She’s Pregnant… With Jesus

On Thursday’s episode of Dr. Phil, Haley, a belligerent teenager who gained 22 pounds over the past year, claims she’s nine months pregnant (even though six pregnancy tests came out negative).

She insists the baby is kicking (even though no one else can feel it).

Oh. One more thing: Haley insists her baby is Jesus.


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There Will Be a God’s Not Dead 3, Says Studio Head

The movie franchise that lied about atheist college professors, and then lied again about atheists trying to punish a Christian school teacher, will soon be re-resurrected with a third film.

David A.R. White, one of the heads of the movie studio Pure Flix, told today that God’s Not Dead 3 is in the works:


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Atheists Aren’t Conspiring to Give Ray Comfort’s New Movie a Lousy IMDB Rating; It’s Just Bad

Evangelist Ray Comfort just put his latest film The Atheist Delusion online, and already, the IMDB rankings are abysmal. And Comfort is already blaming atheists.


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