A Review of Ray Comfort’s The Atheist Delusion (Yep, I Watched the Whole Thing)

Last night, I watched Ray Comfort‘s latest film The Atheist Delusion… because I’m a masochist and it’s one of the requirements. I’ll admit I was curious what the movie would look like after our interview. After all, the film’s tagline is “Atheism destroyed with one scientific question.”

Let’s just say my atheism is doing just fine.


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Even Glenn Beck Thought God’s Not Dead Was an Awful Movie

On his show yesterday, conservative Glenn Beck talked about how he and his daughter went to go see the film God’s Not Dead, the film all about an atheist college professor who pushes his non-belief on students, only to get outsmarted by a passionate Christian. Turns out Beck hated the movie, walking out halfway through.


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Saudi Clerics Don’t Want You Playing Pokémon Go in Mecca

Even Saudi Arabia isn’t immune from the lure of Pokémon Go.


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A Christian Apologist Realized Pokémon Go Isn’t Dangerous or Occultish… Yet

Christian apologist Matt Slick wrote an article nearly a decade ago trashing Pokémon. So what does he think of Pokémon Go? He downloaded the app, played the game, and realized it’s not as bad as he expected. (But he’s still doing research!)


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A New Rap Song Encourages Atheists to “Stand Up” and Be Counted

When you make videos on YouTube, you hope people will watch what you’re posting. But rarely do you think, “I really hope someone samples this in a rap song.”


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