Celebrating 50 Years of Star Trek, a Show That Embraced Humanist Values

Today marks 50 years since the first episode of Star Trek went on the air.

To mark the occasion, it seems like a perfect time to repost Brandon Fibbs‘ excellent video highlighting clips from “one of the most robust presentations and defenses of humanism ever conceived.”


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Bill Nye Will Soon Have a Science-Themed Talk Show on Netflix

It’s about damn time he’s back on television. Or Netflix. (Same thing at this point, really.) Bill Nye Saves the World is set to premiere next spring:


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Kevin Sorbo’s Next Project? A Film About the “World’s Greatest Atheist” Converting to Christianity

Kevin Sorbo famously played the atheist professor who converts to Christianity in the film God’s Not Dead. Now he’s going to repeat the formula by playing an atheist author who converts to Christianity. (Never let it be said that Sorbo doesn’t have range as an actor.)


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Malaysian Singer Arrested for “Insulting Islam” in Video Intended to Promote Religious Harmony

Last month, Malaysian singer Namewee (real name: Wee Meng Chee) released a new song called “Oh My God.” The music video featured him in front of several different churches and temples… but the version you see below isn’t the original video because it doesn’t include a part in which he dances in front of a mosque. That bit appeared in a video that was uploaded back in July, and for that reason, he was arrested this week on charges of “insulting Islam.”


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Ben-Hur, the Faith-Based Epic That Cost $100 Million to (Re)Make, Flopped at the Box Office

Ben-Hur, the remake of the classic 1959 film about a merchant living in the time of Jesus, flopped over the weekend, raking in just $11 million (and an addition $10 million worldwide), a mere dent in its $100 million budget.


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