Six Things I Learned from the Trailer for The Case for Christ

Pure Flix, the company that brought you God’s Not Dead and other examples of Christian propaganda, just released the trailer for their next film, The Case for Christ. Here’s what we learned from it.


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This View of Life: An Anthem to Evolution

Baba Brinkman, the songwriter behind The Rap Guide to Religion, just released a video called “T.V.O.L. (This View of Life)” and the wordplay is phenomenal.


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Bill Maher: All Religions Are “Stupid and Dangerous,” But Islam Is the Most Violent These Days

In an interview with CNN’s Van Jones last night, comedian Bill Maher answered a question about “radical Islamic terrorism” by saying he thinks all religions are “stupid and dangerous,” but Islam is uniquely problematic at this time in our history.


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Bill Nye Saves the World Will Be Released on Netflix on April 21

If the trailer for Season 1 is any indication, they’re going all out to make science interesting for people who might otherwise ignore it.


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Australian Reality Show Features Jehovah’s Witness Mother Choosing Faith Over Her Gay Son

An Australian reality show called Bride & Prejudice just featured a gay man inviting his Jehovah’s Witness mother and “traditionally minded” father to his wedding. They refused to come, even if it meant cutting him out of their lives forever.


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