What’s the Real Story Behind a Gay Man Who Turned Into an Ex-Gay Evangelist?

Michael Glatze was once the poster boy for the ex-gay movement but does his story really fit into the evangelical narrative as neatly as conservatives might think?


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Islamic Cleric: The Simpsons Episode “Predicting” Trump’s Presidency Is a Plot to Discredit Allah

This cleric thinks an old Simpsons episode that coincidentally mentioned “President” Trump is part of a larger conspiracy to shake your Muslim faith.


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Katy Perry’s Memorable Move from Jesus Camps to Kissing Girls: “People Can Change”

When accepting an award over the weekend, singer Katy Perry gave an emotional speech denouncing the anti-gay beliefs of her former Christian life.


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Kevin Sorbo’s Film About the “World’s Greatest Atheist” Converting to Christianity Looks Awful

Because you can’t be a famous atheist author unless the title of your book drives conservative Christians mad.


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God’s Not Dead 3 Will Hit Theaters on Easter Weekend in 2018

The third film in the series about (fake) Christian persecution now has a release date.


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