Giant Ad for God’s Not Dead 2, Outside GOP Convention, Rejected for Being “Way Too Incendiary”

The billboard wars are heating up in Cleveland, where the Republican National Convention will take place next week. This ad from the people who brought you God’s Not Dead 2 was rejected… and, of course, the filmmakers are wrongly calling it persecution.


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Are You a Gay Man? Marry a Woman Anyway, Some Christians Say

Christian rock singer Trey Pearson came out as gay about two months ago, but anti-LGBT Christians have not stopped talking about what he and his family should do next.


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Steve Harvey Mocks Atheist Guest Trying to Salvage a Relationship With His Christian Girlfriend

In an awful episode of The Steve Harvey Show featuring a Christian/atheist couple trying to save their relationship, Harvey not only invited televangelist Paula White to offer advice, he laughed off the atheist’s explanation of why he didn’t believe in the Christian God.


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These Stills Capture Bill Nye’s Reaction to Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum

A day after Creationist Ken Ham opened Ark Encounter, Bill Nye came by for a private visit. And the filmmakers behind The Bill Nye Film were there to capture the tour. They just posted some stills from the movie on their website and I think these capture it all:


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In Classic Video, Christian Pastor Claims Pokémon is Satanic

With the recent Pokémon Go craze, it seems like a good time to repost this old video of a Christian pastor railing against the evil, Satanic nature of the series.


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