Atheist Who Appeared in Anti-Gay Film Will Donate Salary to LGBT Community Center

We know that the lead actors in Ray Comfort‘s anti-gay film Audacity are pro-LGBT rights. We’re not done yet…

I got an interesting email the other day from an extra in the film, who also happens to be an atheist. Mike Martin is a paramedic in the movie. You can see him on the right in the screenshot below:

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Well, This Was a Pleasant Surprise

You know, after panning Ray Comfort‘s anti-gay movie Audacity, and pointing out that his stars are actually supportive of LGBT rights, and describing the movie in painstaking detail during our podcast… you’d think Comfort would be unhappy with us.

And then, yesterday, my podcast co-host Jessica received a lovely gift basket from him:

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A Glimpse Into the Life of a Child Raised as a Jehovah’s Witness

In a short film called Dios por el Cuello (God by the Neck), director José Trigueiros shows you what it’s like to grow up as a Jehovah’s Witness, unable to attend birthday parties and being used as a pawn to advance the Church’s agenda.

It’s in Spanish but includes English subtitles:

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TLC Officially Cancels 19 Kids and Counting

With all the stories we’ve heard over the past two months about Josh Duggar molesting five girls (including four of his sisters) when he was younger — while some of them were sleeping, no less — it was somewhat surprising that the network airing his family’s show hadn’t canceled it completely. Sure, TLC stopped airing episodes of the show back in May, but would they seriously keep it going in the future?

That question has finally been answered because the network has finally decided to pull the plug for good, ending the show before its 11th season. The Associated Press has the scoop:

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Just a Stone’s Throw


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