We’re (Seriously) Giving Away a God’s Not Dead 2 Prize Package

The noxious fumes of rotten tomatoes must have led to a haze of confusion for the God’s Not Dead 2 folks who chose us, Friendly Atheist, to give away an official movie prize package to celebrate the film’s April 1st release — and we’re going with it.

So let’s do a thought bubble caption contest, shall we?


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Are You Dating an Atheist? Steve Harvey Wants You on His Talk Show. This Can’t Be Good…

Steve Harvey, who has said many times before how women should not date men who are atheists, may soon be discussing that topic on his own talk show.


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After Public Outcry, Tribeca Film Festival Removes Anti-Vaccination Film from Lineup

Organizers of the Tribeca Film Festival, which takes place next month, have decided to pull the anti-vaccination propaganda film Vaxxed from its lineup after near-universal condemnation.


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Tribeca Film Festival Defends Screening of Anti-Vaccination Film by Discredited Researcher

When the Tribeca Film Festival takes place a month from now, it’ll include a movie called Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe. It’s essentially an anti-vaccination propaganda film.


The director of the 91-minute documentary is Andrew Wakefield, the researcher whose fraudulent paper (later retracted by The Lancet) led to the belief that vaccines cause autism.

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Judge Sarah Palin? Don’t Mind If I Do…

Sarah Palin could soon be a judge on a reality TV show that, like most shows in the genre, clearly defies the concept of reality. People magazine announced the news yesterday saying a pilot would be taped with the hopes of being picked up by a network.


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