Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson: Removing God from Society Leads to the Rise of Islamists. Seriously.

Duck Dynasty‘s Phil Robertson has a new documentary opening later this week all about what happens to societies when God leaves the picture. The consequences are dreadful, of course. He points to the rise of Hitler (who was actually a Christian), Stalin (who pushed a different kind of dogma), and Islamists. Somehow.


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Last Night’s Black-ish Focused on Atheism (and the Pushback Against It) in the Black Community

Last night’s episode of Black-ish featured a welcome discussion about atheism in the black community. When daughter Zoey announces that she may not believe in God, her father Dre has no clue how to deal with it. He thinks he’s a bad father. Zoey’s grandmother tries to save her soul. Dre also turns the situation into a racial issue when he finds out that a lot of his white colleagues at work are also atheists.


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Creationist Ray Comfort Just Won “Best Science Film” at a Christian Film Festival

In news that will make you question everything you thought you knew about movies, Ray Comfort just won “Best Science Film” at the International Christian Film Festival for The Atheist Delusion.


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Anti-Scientology Film Won’t Be Seen in Ireland Because Distributors Fear the Nation’s Blasphemy Law

Filmmaker Louis Theroux premiered his latest documentary, My Scientology Movie, nearly a year ago to overwhelmingly positive reviews. Failing to get cooperation from the Church itself, the film is all about how Theroux tries to hire actors to recreate infamous scenes witnessed by former Scientologists, only to have the actual Church come after him for doing that.

But good luck trying to see it in Ireland. Theroux’s team can’t find a single distributor to help release the film… and that may be because they’re all afraid of running afoul of the nation’s absurd blasphemy law.


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Sen. Claire McCaskill on Donald Trump and Dr. Oz: “Oh My Lord, Talk About Two Snake Oil Salesmen”

You have to appreciate a sitting senator who calls out bullshit, whether it’s in the Trump campaign, in popular culture, or at the intersection of the two worlds.


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