Gordon Klingenschmitt: “Demonic Spirits” Are Using Beauty and the Beast to Turn Kids Gay

Christian talk show host Gordon Klingenschmitt says demonic spirits are using the new live action Beauty and the Beast film to “recruit children into sin.” It’s a slippery slope that shouldn’t make a bit of sense to anyone.


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Podcast Ep. 152: Louis Theroux, Star of My Scientology Movie

Our latest podcast guest is Louis Theroux, the filmmaker behind My Scientology Movie.


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To Excitable Hindu Critics, Reza Aslan’s Religion Show on CNN Is “Dangerously Anti-Immigrant”

Did the first episode of Reza Aslan‘s Believer, a CNN series on religion, scandalize Hindus and fuel discrimination against them? No, but that won’t stop some critics from complaining about it.


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Christian Disney Mom Plagued By Mere Existence Of Gay People Can’t Do Anything Anymore

A Christian mommy blogger has canceled her family’s trip to Disney World, because Disney put a gay person in her bestiality and Stockholm Syndrome movie.


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Netflix Releases Teaser for Atheist Icon Madalyn Murray O’Hair Biopic

Madalyn Murray O’Hair is an icon among American atheists. This film could elevate her story for a much wider audience.

Most Hated Woman

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