Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas Just Won Several Awards for Being an Awful Film

As the Academy Awards are tonight, it’s important to find out who won the Razzies, which are given out every year (since 1980) to the worst films and actors that Hollywood has to offer.

We saw the nominee list last month and we finally have a list of winners!

Wanna know the Worst Picture of the year? Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas:

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When It Comes to Academy Award Acceptance Speeches, a Lot of People Get Thanked More Than God

The website Vocativ analyzed every Oscar acceptance speech archived on the Academy Award website — all 1,396 of them — to find out who has been thanked more than anyone else.

God didn’t even finish in the top 5.

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Obama-Bashing Victoria Jackson Wasn’t on SNL’s Anniversary Show, but Here She Does Her Own “Comedy” Thing

Gay-hating Tea Partier and rape apologist Victoria Jackson was at Saturday Night Live‘s 40th-anniversary show this past weekend, but not in it. Jackson denies that her political views had anything to do with being kept off the special episode, and I hope that’s true. She shouldn’t be excluded because she’s a right-winger. Rather, she should be excluded because, as Jessica Bluemke wrote on this site two years ago,

What I … naïvely mistook for quirkiness [in her SNL days] was just thinly-veiled legitimate lunacy.

OK, even lunacy can be beguiling in a comic (ladies and gentlemen, Andy Kaufman!), but I can’t understand who gets a belly laugh out of Jackson’s antics these days, or why.

Here are the comedienne’s latest six minutes of YouTube artistry.

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There’s a Christian Version of Fifty Shades of Grey in Theaters Right Now

You all saw the big Valentine’s Day movie, right?

No, not Fifty Shades of Grey.

I mean the movie featuring another Christian:

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Fifty Shades of Grey Just Beat Out Passion of the Christ for Biggest February Opening Day Ever

If Christians weren’t already flipping out over Fifty Shades of Grey, this should do it:

Universal is reporting a Friday estimate of $30.2M for Fifty Shades Of Grey, making it the highest February opening day ever, beating Newmarket’s Passion Of The Christ which opened on Ash Wednesday 2004 with $26.6M.

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