Singer Toni Braxton Had an Abortion Many Years Ago, Thinks God Punished Her With an Autistic Son

Toni Braxton, who just saw her autobiography published, thinks that God may have punished her for having an abortion. The punishment, the singer suspects, was the autistic son she gave birth to years later.

Braxton said the abortion has haunted her through the years and caused her to wonder if her second son’s autism diagnosis was her punishment for the procedure. More than anything, Toni says, she is ashamed of herself for going through with the procedure.

Maybe she can’t help it:

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The Problem with Fictional Atheists on Television

Reader Nick created this image and it suggests a great question: Why are fictional atheists on television always so damn unlikeable?

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Christian Artist Jack Chick Warned Us About Dungeons & Dragons… and His Fear is Now the Basis for a Hilarious Film

In 1984, Jack Chick wrote another one of his obnoxious tracts where the Christians are good and the non-Christians are evil and all paths not leading directly to Christ are to be avoided at all costs. This particular tract was about the horrors of Dungeons & Dragons:

Yep, that’s what the game will do to you…

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Was the Canceled TV Show Hosted by Evangelical Brothers Too Christian for Cable?

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses the cancellation of a TV show hosted by evangelical Christian brothers after their anti-gay statements went viral.

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The Unbelievers, Starring Lawrence Krauss and Richard Dawkins, Now Available to Watch Online

The Unbelievers, a documentary featuring Lawrence Krauss and Richard Dawkins as they speak about the importance of science and reason across the country, is finally available to download and watch on Amazon and iTunes:

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