Why Should You See The Ledge? A Guest Post by Matthew Chapman

What would a movie look like if it was directed by an atheist? If it had characters who were atheists? If it included conversations we’ve had with religious people? Here’s an idea: That’s a clip from The Ledge, a movie that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and is slated for a test run in [Read More...]

Atheist Wins Daytime Emmy Award

I know, I know… you all watch the Daytime Emmy Awards like you watch the Miss USA Pageant… but that never stops us from discussing these things, right? Unlike most of the Miss USA contestants, here’s someone who has a brain! And acting chops to go with it. Scott Clifton is know online for his [Read More...]

Is Faith Funny? Oh yeah…

Every now and then the Washington Post‘s On Faith column asks a ridiculously easy question… The Book of Mormon, a satirical musical by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of South Park, won nine Tony awards [last] Sunday night. Parker and Stone are known as equal-opportunity offenders when it comes to mocking religion, but [Read More...]

Seth MacFarlane Event… Rescheduled Again!

It was barely a week ago when the Harvard Humanist Chaplaincy announced they had given their Humanist of the Year award to Family Guy and American Dad! creator Seth MacFarlane. They scheduled his acceptance speech for the night of June 14th. Then, citing a scheduling conflict, the date was changed to June 4th and tickets [Read More...]

Tagline: Abstinence Never Felt SO Good

Christians have found a way to ruin The 40-Year-Old Virgin… with a movie called The Waiting Game. Instead of the main character ruining all his opportunities to have sex growing up, like Steve Carell‘s character did, this one has chosen to wait until he’s married. And his love interest in played by Kirk Cameron‘s sister [Read More...]