Actor Val Kilmer, Disputing Cancer Rumors, Is In a Hospital Consulting His “Christian Science Practitioner”

Val Kilmer (below), the actor who starred in Batman Forever, Top Gun, and Tombstone, was hospitalized a week ago. Details are sketchy, but TMZ reports that Kilmer, a follower of Christian Science, started bleeding from the throat prior to his hospitalization. According to the site, Kilmer had known something was seriously amiss for the past half a year, but refused medical treatment for a tumor, as Christian Scientists believe that disease is a lie and that only God has the power to heal.

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Jim Parsons Will Play God on Broadway

Back in April, we learned that David Javerbaum, the former head writer of The Daily Show who brilliantly channels God on Twitter as @TheTweetOfGod, was going to take his character to Broadway in a play based off of his book The Last Testament.

It was just revealed that Jim Parsons, better known as Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory, will play the role of God:

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Actress Julianne Moore Briefly Mentions Her Atheism in an Interview

We’ve known for a while now that actress Julianne Moore is an atheist. In a 2002 episode of Inside the Actors Studio, Moore and host James Lipton had this exchange (at the 32:10 mark):

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With Your Help, There Will Be a Documentary About the Pastor Who Shed His Faith

Filmmakers Tim Banks and Ryan Moore followed former pastor Ryan Bell over the past year as he “experimented” with atheism… only to come to the conclusion that God didn’t exist.

Now, they’re putting together their documentary and need your help to take it to the next level:

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If You Can Create a Likable Atheist Character, You Could Win Up to $25,000

Last year, I posted an image created by reader Nick Pisca all about how fictional atheists on television seemed to always be so damn unlikeable:

To be fair, there are some atheists on TV who are genuinely likable, but you could probably count them all on one hand.

Now, the Freedom From Religion Foundation and the Center For Inquiry are trying to alleviate that problem. They’re sponsoring a contest in which someone who creates a fictional, likable atheist could win a *lot* of money:

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