Sikh Group Wants Ban on “Hurtful” Movie, or Theater Owners “Will Be Responsible For the Consequences”

Remember the protests by atheists in front of theaters showing God’s Not Dead, a movie that portrays non-believers in a bad light? Remember the demands for a ban, the shoving matches with theatergoers, the destruction of ticket machines and popcorn stands, and the ugly beatings?

Me neither.

Other groups sometimes do things a little differently from us, though.

Case in point: The recent Indian film Messenger of God. The flick is offensive to a lot of Sikhs, mostly because it stars Gurmeet Singh Ram Rahim, the head of a blasphemous (to Sikhs) sect called the Dera Sachcha Sauda. I wrote about the kerfuffle last month.

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Forthcoming Faith-Based Movie Will Include Positive Portrayal of Gay Character; Will Christian Audiences Watch?

Last fall I had a conversation with an industry professional in LA about the anticipated release of 12 Years a Slave, and he commented that he thought Christian audiences wouldn’t be into the film because it had a negative portrayal of a man of faith. He thought that Christians wouldn’t go see the movie.

I laughed and told him that Hollywood’s assumptions about what Christian audiences would like are often really off-base, because many Christians will accept and engage elements in films that, at face value, might seem offensive to them if it’s simply presented well.

A lot of Christians get stuck on the issue of Message vs. Art when it comes to film, and you’ll find a lot of discussions happening when any controversial film is released. Christians find themselves conflicted because they enjoyed the viewing experience but didn’t agree with the message or presentation of something or another in the course of the story.

There’s a new film coming out (currently being promoted on Indiegogo for distribution and marketing funding) which has a very overt message of Christianity-is-an-accepting-religion and a positive portrayal of a black gay character (who runs a local homeless shelter).

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Ellen DeGeneres Responds to Christian Bigot Accusing Her of Promoting a Gay Agenda

Pastor Larry Tomczak wrote a piece for the Christian Post last week in which he accused Ellen DeGeneres — along with the rest of Hollywood — of promoting a gay agenda:

“Ellen DeGeneres” celebrates her lesbianism and “marriage” in between appearances of guests like Taylor Swift to attract young girls.


(By the way, I’m used to seeing conservative Christians put “marriage” in quotation marks when referring to gay marriages… but why is Ellen’s name in quotation marks?)

Anyway, DeGeneres responded yesterday by picking apart Tomczak’s ridiculous statement:

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Saving Christmas and Left Behind Both Nominated for “Worst Picture” Razzies

The Razzies are given out every year (since 1980) to the worst films and actors that Hollywood has to offer.

This year’s nominees were just released and there’s no surprise when you look at the Worst Picture list:

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Kirk Cameron is Now Selling Coffee… to Save Christmas!

In an apparent promotional tie to his movie, Kirk Cameron is selling Saving Christmas Blend coffee:

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