The Indie Game Developer Behind Five Nights at Freddy’s Explains Why God is Responsible for His Success

Scott Cawthon spent more than a decade as an independent game developer working to create Christian video games (and movies) and they went absolutely nowhere:

Despite good reviews, my Christian projects were all financial failures. I came to a point where I was very disillusioned and frustrated with God… actually it was more like a broken heart. I felt like I’d squandered so many years of my life, years that could have been spent going back to college but were instead spent working on Christian projects that went nowhere. I came to the conclusion that I could not have failed so miserably unless God himself had been holding me down. Either God didn’t exist, or God hated me. I didn’t know which was worse.

It got so bad that even his life insurance policy was cancelled because he was seen as too much of a liability.

And then he came up with the idea for a completely different kind of game. A scary game — with no religious references at all — revolving around what happens with the animatronic creatures you might see at a Chuck E. Cheese’s after the store closes for the night.

That game, which, along with its sequel, has been ridiculously popular in the App Store and on Steam, is called Five Nights at Freddy’s.

In an interview with Joe Morgan at Geeks Under Grace, Cawthon explained how he still thanks God for his success… even though all of his games praising God were commercial failures:

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Bollywood Star Slapped During Reality Show Taping by Man Who Said Her Dress Was Too Short for a Muslim Woman

This past Sunday, Indian model, reality TV star, and actress Gauhar Khan (below) was taping the finale for the show Raw Star (a reality TV singing contest), when a member of the audience took umbrage with her outfit. It was, in his opinion, too revealing for a Muslim woman to wear.

The BBC reports that this moral champion subsequently spent some time harassing the star; and, when that didn’t produce the desired effect, he attacked her. After slapping Khan, the unnamed assailant was overpowered by security and arrested.

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The Nativity Story, As Told Through Pop Music Lyrics

I can’t wait for a church to put a Nativity story like this, using pop music lyrics instead of Bible verses:

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Exodus: Gods and Kings Star Christian Bale Speaks of the “Sadistic in the Extreme” Details of Moses’ Story

Last month I wrote about some interesting comments made by Exodus: Gods and Kings star Christian Bale (below), who plays Moses in the film. At the time, Bale had said of Moses that he was “likely schizophrenic and was one of the most barbaric individuals that I ever read about in my life.”

In recent interviews, Bale has been expounding on those thoughts. In an interview with Nightline, he noted that Moses was

… absolutely seen as a freedom fighter for the Hebrews, but a terrorist in terms of the Egyptian empire.

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Pakistani Bollywood Star Veena Malik Gets 26 Years in Jail For the “Terrorism” of Blasphemy

Under the flag of fighting terrorism, virtually every outrage against people’s liberties is allowed as long as you work for the government. Nothing new, but this is surely a new low:

Veena Malik has expressed her anger and disbelief after she was handed a 26-year jail term by a Pakistani anti-terrorism court for ‘malicious acts’ of blasphemy.

Her crime? Appearing in a pretend wedding scene, staged on a daytime show broadcast by Geo TV and based on the marriage of the Prophet Mohammed’s daughter.

The program sparked a wave of controversy in the Islamic country when it aired in May, despite the fact similar scenes had been aired in the past to little or no such public outrage.

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